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Travel back in time this Halloween

Medieval and Renaissance costumes still fascinate everyone centuries after they were designed. They are not only visually attractive, but also easy and fun to wear. From royalty to peasants, men, women and kids have a variety of costume ideas to choose from. These costumes are great for Halloween, Renaissance Fairs, Historical plays or any costume parties!

The medieval and Renaissance times are considered to be historical eras. This period marked the revival of achievements in fields like music, arts and fashion. The clothing of those era reflected the social status of the person wearing it.

The medieval time, has long passed into the chronicles of history. However, you can take a journey back to those time with our fabulous collection of Medieval and Renaissance costumes.  These costumes are popular not only for Halloween but year round dress up. There are tons of ideas available, kings, queens, knights, peasants, and maidens to name a few.

If you wanted to be a royalty, you can dress up as a proud king/queen. The King costumes features ornate capes, robes and tunics. The queen costumes include gowns with embroidered bodices, long, flowing skirts and headpieces. You can add a touch of authenticity to your royal look with crown and sword.

If you are a literature buff, you can choose to dress up as Shakespeare’s character like Juliet. Other popular costume icons of this era include peasants, gypsies, lovely maidens, gallant knights etc. You can also dress up as Robin Hood and his merry men which is top choice as group costume. Yet, another popular group costume is Musketeer costumes.

There are also fun costumes from this time like the jester and clown costumes. For women who are looking for sexy costumes, they have the option to dress as tavern wenches. You could also dress up as a monk or a pirate.

Whether it is for Halloween or Renaissance Faire or character re-enactments, Costumes4less.com have the perfect costumes and accessories to bring the characters to life. Relive the history this Halloween with our quality costumes and accessories!

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