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Too cute to be evil!

Minions, the small yellow banana-loving creatures with one or two eyes have been existing since the beginning of time with a purpose to serve history’s most despicable masters. The latest movie Minions, a prequel/spin-off to Despicable Me (2010) and Despicable Me 2 features three minions namely Stuart, Bob and Kevin, venturing out into the word to find a new master for them to follow.

We at Costumes4less.com, maintains a fantastic collection of Minions costumes that help you to relive the excitement and adventure your favorite Minion characters experiences in the movie. In our licensed Minions Costumes, you can become Stuart, Kevin or any of your other minion favorites. You can also choose to become the super-villain Gru from the earlier movie Despicable Me. We have a huge selection of these movie costumes and accessories for adults, kids and toddlers. These popular costumes are not just for Halloween any more, it can be worn year round. These costumes also make a great family or group costumes.


The classic Minion Costumes features the yellow jumpsuit and blue denim overalls just like in the movie. Some of the costume sets comes with matching accessories like gloves, headpiece and googles. We also have Pirate Minion and Dracula Minion costume too.

If your girl is a hard-core fan of Minions, then we have the girlier version of Minion costumes too. It includes a jumper costume that features yellow top along with a denim-like overall skirt. In addition, we have hooded tank dress featuring Minion face for the female fans of Minions.

Our Minion T-shirts and Minion hoodies can be worn anytime year round. Pair these with matching accessories like goggles to add a touch of authenticity to the character look.

In addition, we also have full party kits in this theme and individual items like plates, cups and napkins that feature the cute pictures of the minions from the movie to make your party perfect.

So, get ready for evil in no time and let the fun begin with our costumes and accessories!

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