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Toga Costumes

The toga was a distinctive garment of Ancient Rome. It consisted of a long sash of cloth, about 20 ft in length. This sash wraps around the body and generally worn over a Tunic. During early part of Rome’s history, exclusively men wore the toga. Later, toga became a ceremonial costume, court dress of the empire, and to was worn by magistrate as a badge of office. However, non-citizens were not, allowed to wear a toga.

Greek or Roman, it does not really matter as far as you are dreaming to have that ancient look and feeling. You can see people dressed up in super toga costumes. Which have indeed evolved as a popular costume for many party-goers. With such high demand for these toga costumes, they have evolved in many different styles.

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Our male and female Toga Costumes are designed to give you that exquisite look. As well as an ancient, Roman or Greek feeling, this will take you to the era of ancient Romans, and Greeks philosophy.

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  1. Suzy says:

    I love this idea!!! I think it would be even cooler to dress up like a specific god or goddess. I would be Athena or Aphrodite! That would be so neat. I think anything gold, like jewelry or shoes would go great with a white toga. Maybe some laurels also. It would be cool to find a laurel headband and spray paint it gold. This is one of my favorite costume ideas.

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