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Star Trek Costumes

It’s time to get ready for Halloween. Are you are still confused about the Halloween costumes to wear this season?

Why not consider becoming a Star Trek character?

Star Trek costumes have been very popular among children and adults alike since the first Star Trek movie made its appearance in the 1960s. Since then, there have been numerous versions of Star Trek movies and at least five television series have been released on the series!

Which is your favorite character from the Star Trek crew? Is it Mr Spock or Captain James T Kirk? If you are a tall boy, dress up as Mr Spock! You can purchase Star Trek costumes from an online store or you can make them yourself at home.

Arrange the blue officer’s dress to dress up like Mr. Spock. Remember, he is half Vulcan and half human and has pointy ears. Spruce up your appearance to look more like him with a bit of makeup—try to ape his eyes, his upswept eyebrows, his exclusive hairstyle, and of course, his Vulcan salute—”Live long and prosper!” Learn to do it as he does in the Star Trek movie—raise your hand in the air, palms facing the front, fingers parting between the ring and middle finger, thumb extended. Watch the movie or search pictures of him on Google Images by typing in “Star Trek salute”.

Alternatively, you can dress up like Captain James T Kirk in his gold colored tunic, black pants, boots and shirt with the Starfleet emblem on it.

If you are a girl, you can order Star Trek costumes for Lieutenant Nyota Uhura! Just to remind you how she looked—she wears a very short, sexy, red dress and black boots to go with it. You can also dress up like her from home. Wear your bright red color mini dress, preferably with a V-neck or a turtle neck black top underneath it. Do not forget to complete the look with her trademark big hoop earrings!


  1. Suzy says:

    This is such a fun idea. My boyfriend is a huge Star Trek nerd. I even went to the movie with him a few months back. I think he would look great dressed as Spock. He almost looks like a Spock! Haha. That would be great. I think he’s too shy to dress up in it though, I think he would feel too nerdy. I love the mod stuff for a female character though. That’s really cool!

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