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Simple Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

Halloween always brings out the creative side of people. Parents, Teachers, and Day Care providers are always looking for fun, but simple crafts to do with the children. Some things that are fun about getting ready for the Halloween Season, is heading out to the pumpkin patches. There is nothing like finding that perfect pumpkin to carve, or what about searching for the perfect Halloween Costume. Do not forget getting those decorations to make the house look spooky.

Here I have for you two simple crafts that are designed for the toddlers. These craft are not only simple, but the children will have fun making them. You will want to make sure you have prepared for these activities in advance, so that the children can get started right away.

What you will need:


Orange, Black, Yellow, Green, and Brown construction paper


Paper Jack-o-Lantern

First, you will want to have all your pumpkins cut out of the orange construction paper. I personally recommend since this is being done with smaller children, all pumpkins, faces, and stems be cut out prior to the children doing this activity.

After all the shapes are cut out for your pumpkin, now is time to let the children glue on the eyes, mouths, and stems. Another fun thing to do with these pumpkins if you would rather not use glue is let them decorate those using crayons. Once you have all the pumpkins made, make your own pumpkin patch.

What you will need:


Non-toxic pain

Old shirt

Pumpkin Painting

Not only is decorating the house and dressing up in fun Halloween Costumes fun, but also making the best pumpkin. However, the smaller children are left out of the fun when it comes to carving those spooky pumpkins.

Therefore, here is another option that is a lot safer for the smaller children and will bring the children hours of fun.  Paint the pumpkins instead, make sure the children have old shirts on, just in case they get some on their clothes. Let your child’s imagination go to work, hand them either markers, or paint and let them have a blast painting the perfect pumpkin.

If you are worried about the mess this may have inside you can set up an area outside. Make sure to get lots of pictures, because these make great scrapbooking pictures.

Always remember to have fun, that is one thing the holidays are all about, having fun with your family.

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