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Princess and Prince Costumes

Have you ever dreamt of being a princess sometime in your life? Here is a chance for you to dress up like a princess, if you have never had the opportunity. We have Princess Costumes of the famous and not-so-famous, good and well not so good princesses.

Dressing up like a beautiful Princess during playtime has never been that easy with a playtime princess costume from Costumes4Less.Com. These thoroughly crafted, well-designed and meticulous princess costumes are great for any special dress-up occasion or in any fun party.

We have Princess Costumes that will have you remember the past as well as take you in the future. Our Princess Costumes also represent various parts of the world, from the Mid-West to the Far-East. However, no matter what kind of princess you are, you will always remember your crown.

At Costumes4Less.Com, we also have a very huge selection of Prince Costumes for your child who will love to wear and enjoy their time out at a party or a fun occasion. These elegant prince costumes will steal the show of the party and drive a lot of attention and it is enough to gain high appreciation by just popping inside one of the Princess Costumes from our online store Costumes4Less.Com

We have costumes in various assorted styles and colors like Renaissance Princess Costume, Kids Star Princess Costume, Kids Renaissance Princess Costume Kids Renaissance Princess Costume and more. These costumes will take you to the world of Princeland for sure.


  1. Suzy says:

    Dressing up as a princess for Halloween is so adorable! Especially for little girls. Disney princess’s are super popular, but a pink/white and sparkly princess with a glittery tiara would be just as sweet. I really love this idea. =] Prince Charming is so cute too! That would be perfect for a little boy. Make him look all handsome… lol. =] Cute idea.

  2. Margie says:

    That’s a brilliant answer to an insenettirg question

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