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Once Upon A Time’s Season Finale Delivers!

One of ABC’s newest shows, “Once Upon A Time” just had the most awesome season finale!  Once Upon A Time is just what it sounds, it’s a show all about fairytales, and how all those fairytale you read as a kid…they were true.  They were true stories and the men and women and even children from those stories have been trapped- in our world.  It’s quite interesting how they tie everything together.  It’s whimsical, creepy, and it’s thrilling!

The season finale ended with the spell finally being broken on StoryBrooke by Rumplestiltskin!  It was crazy, you can just tell, that next season is going to be great!  Once Upon A Time is a great new show, and I just love the Halloween costumes that are worn in it!  Check out these pictures:

Prince Charming and Snow White

The Evil Queen


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