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Leg Avenue Scarf Hoods Give Character!

Scarf hood?  What the heck is a scarf hood?!  Well let me tell you, they are pretty darn cool!  Think of a hood, like a beanie, with long sides attached to make sort of a scarf.  Yes…probably the most comfortable thing ever, and the best part is they are super sexy, playful, and hot on! 

Starting from the left this is the “Angry Ed” hilarious furry character hood has crazy eyes and horns with furry pom pom ties, made by Leg Avenue.

In the center you’ll see Leg Avenue’s monster collection hoodie.  Leg Avenue has toddler, child, teen, and adult monster costumes that are too cute.  They al have fun bright colors, furry parts of the costume, and very playful!  Check out the Leg Avenue Monster Costumes!

On the right you will see the Leg Avenue Wolf scarf hood.  This simple and sassy hood has faux fur hood with cute wolf hears and an attached scarf with pink paw printed mittens!  It’s adorable!  Leg Avenue has an entire line of scarf hoods including the wolf, stunk, bear, fox, and kitty!  You’ll love all of these scarf hoods!

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