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Homes Built in the 1970’s Have Attributes Making Headway Today!


Home’s built in the 70’s have been grabbing headline lately due to all the specific qualities of a great house they have.  Like solar panels, back in the 70’s they had already worked on becoming energy efficient.  That then went ‘out of style’ and now today is a true must!  We’d likely be saving lots of money, energy, and natural resources if we has solar panel powered houses!  Most houses from the 70’s consisted of single story homes with no staircases!  Today it’s likely that more than not most people have a staircase in their home, adding a second story does add space..but how much space to we really need?  One thing we certainly have learned from the times is not to use paint with lead in it!  And since then that has changed, we do not use paint with lead for health reasons.  But check out this house below….any idea where you’ve seen it before?

It’s The Brady Bunch house of course!

And the inside!  Remember Costumes 4 Less has thousands of awesome groovy costumes to choose from, including the entire Brady Bunch Set!  You’ll love getting dressed up in these 70’s chic  outfits that resemble the Brady Bunch!

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