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When I hear the word Halloween, one of the things that come to my mind is spooky, scary, and ghosts. Halloween is the one day of the year people can be unique and different and not get judged.

One thing I personally love about Halloween is all the Halloween Decorations, people place in their yards. I mean what would Halloween be without a bit of blood, and gore?

Halloween Heart

Props play a big part when it comes to decorating for Halloween. I remember growing up as a kid during school Halloween events, we was asked to put on a blindfold to play a fun Halloween game.

To this day we still play these games.This Halloween Game is played with using some of our favorite everyday foods.

Peeled grapes become eyeballs, spaghetti noodles become intestines or worms, tuna fish you can turn into vomit, and you can use jello for the heart. Use your imagination when coming up with different ideas.

After all that is what Halloween is all about, gross, scary fun.

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