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Halloween Witches Hand Craft

Halloween crafts are a good way to get the children involved in the festive events. Whether you are doing an event for school or church this next craft will be a big hit.

Not only is this craft fun, but it is also very inexpensive.

You will need:

Green card or paper

Scraps of black, red or purple card, paper, felt, tissue paper etc

Pencils and pens

White glue


Make sure you have enough supplies for all the children, first give them all a green piece of paper, and then trace around the children’s hand. After you have traced all the hands, carefully cut them out.

Now take the scrap paper you have from cutting out the hand, and cut oval shapes for the fingernails. Using a small amount of glue put the fingernails on the hands. Have fun with these and make them fingernails look stylish.

Have fun with this project, you can add the spidery veins and warts to your hand to make them more witchy looking.

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