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Halloween Spooky Spider Craft

One of my favorite Halloween crafts for kids is the Spooky Spider. Not only is this craft fun, but it also helps strengthen a child’s fine motor skills. You can do this in a small group of children or a large group. Just make sure you have enough material. This is even a great activity for older children.

You will need:

Black paper, unless you want different colored spiders

Scissors, if you are doing this activity with small children make sure to supervise

Glue or sticky-tape

Googly eyes (optional) if you do not have these on hand, you can use construction paper, and color crayons to make the eyes.


First think you need to do, is cut out a rectangle. The rectangle should measure approximately 3in by 3 1/2 in. You will want to fold the short side down, about an inch to make a crease, after you have made the crease, open up the rectangle again.

Now you will want to turn your paper, so that your crease is horizontal. After you have the crease horizontal, go ahead and cut the paper in 7 straight lines, to the crease. This will create your 8 spider legs. If you are working with younger kids, make sure you help them, by drawing a line for them, and letting them cut the legs. This will give them some practice with scissors.

Now go ahead and wrap the spider around the child’s finger, and tape it into place, or you can put a small amount of glue on it and glue it. Take the spider off the child’s finger and decorate. When you have your spider, all decorated put it back on the finger and bend the legs into shape. This can be done with a pencil.

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