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Halloween Safety

Halloween is fast approaching, and soon all the kids, and adults alike will be dressing in fun and maybe spooky Halloween Costumes.  The children will be going trick or treating and the adults will be attending some spooktacular Halloween parties. However, we still have to take precautions to make sure Halloween stays fun and safe.

Here you will find a few trick or treating tips to help keep your family safe and comfortable this Halloween Season.

Make sure the kids have comfortable shoes on, if you plan to take them out for a while, do not sent the little ones out in dress shoes. Sure, it may look cute with their Halloween Costumes, but think about how their little feet will feel. Trust me they will thank you at the end of the night.

Make sure they have some sort of light, whether it is a flash light or glow sticks. This is the time of year, where it gets dark sooner and sometimes cars cannot see children.

It would also be a good idea to have the children wear some sort of reflector tape on them this will also allow the cars to see them better.

If you have smaller children try to take them out before it gets to dark, the older kids at times will make it harder for the little ones to trick or treat.

Teach your child too NEVER go into someone’s home to get the candy.

If you get any candies homemade or unwrapped, trash them. Now day’s people are not so innocent, and it is better to be safe.

Make sure your children know not to pet animals while trick or treating, you do not know the temperament of these animals and you do not want your child to possible get bit.

I know it can be hard, but do not let the children eat candy until you get home and you can completely check it.

Make sure you have a plan in place, before you are starting. If you have older children how go on their own make sure, you have a way to contact them, and you know when they will be back.

When you check the children’s candy some things to look for are, wrappers that look old or torn. Even if you only see a small whole throw it out, needles are very small and could have made the hole. Anything that is homemade, or unwrapped, you may also want to trash any fruit your child may have received, yes I know fruit is healthier then candy, BUT you do not know what was placed on that fruit.

If you find anything else and you have, a funny feeling about it trash it, it is better to be safe.

Remember to have a fun and safe Halloween.

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