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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a big event celebrated the last day of October. Halloween is not just for the adults, it is also cherish by the children.  Most start preparing for Halloween months in advance. Some are always on the search for the perfect Halloween Costumes, and the best decorations.

After all Halloween is all about the fun. Children look forward to Halloween so they can play those fun games and go on hayrides. Others look forward to getting candy and dressing up spooky. On Halloween night, most dress up in their favorite Halloween Costumes, and go door to door searching for the best Halloween candy.

However, when we are all having fun we forget about safety. Therefore, on Halloween night accidents that we can avoid happen.

Here are a few Halloween tips, to help keep your family safe on Halloween night:

– When you send your kids out for a night of fun make sure you know the route they will be going. This way if they are not home by a certain time, you know which way to go looking.

– I personally recommend having an adult with the children while trick or treating. This will assure the kids are safe.

– Never, allow your child to go alone, make sure they are with several others.

– Wear reflecting clothes, if you do not have any, get the kids glow sticks. They can wear these as bracelets, and necklaces.

– Make sure, if your child is wearing a mask they can still see. If they cannot use face paints instead. You can never be too sure when it comes to your child’s safety.

-Make sure they have flashlights.

– Make sure the kids stick to well lit streets, with lots of houses.

– Set a time; make sure the kids are home by 8pm if they are out on the streets trick or treating.

– Make sure your child knows NEVER to go into someone’s home, even if they are invited into the home on Halloween.  Also, make sure your children know to stay away from the houses with no porch light on.

– Do not run into the streets! On Halloween night more people are out, so make sure your child knows to WATCH where they are going, and does not run across the street.

– Never cross the street between cars and make sure you look both ways.

– Always, have your candy checked by an adult. If the candy looks like it has been open before, throw it away.

Make sure your children know all these guidelines. Remember have fun and be safe.

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