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Halloween foodie fun!

Today we’re bringing you two awesome ways to spice up the snacks at your Halloween party!  We are huge advocates of trying new things and these two super easy to make snacks require NO cooking!  (that’s the part we love too!) 

1.  No Mess Caramel Apples:  Caramel apples are always a big favorite at Halloween and seasonal parties, but what about the mess they cause.  You know, you’re all dressed up and those apples are just staring at you saying, “eat me, I’m delicious!”  And yes, they’re delicious but you don’t want to smear your make-up, drip on your costume, or look like a pig devouring a big ‘ol apple covered in caramel.  Plus, most times the apples are just too big, who wants to eat an entire apple in the middle of a party?  That’s exactly why we’ve tried a new caramel apple! 

-Slice the apples

-Stick a toothpick in them

-Dip in caramel

-Lay them out on a platter

-Cover in theme colored sprinkles (use orange, black, blues, and purples for Halloween)

-Add a few strawberries for prettiness!

That’s it!  Now you’ve made a simple and delightful snack!  No one has to look goofy chewing on a huge apple on a stick, those “dieters” won’t feel bad about these, and it looks gorgeous!


2.  Bloody Zombie Eye Deviled Eggs:  Come on who doesn’t love deviled eggs!?  That’s why they are a must for your Halloween party, but let’s add a twist to these scrumptious snacks! 

-Make deviled eggs as you normally would

-Add red (or green) food dye to the yolk mix, if you’re using red, use a lot so they don’t come out pink.  You’ll also need a full bottle to make them green!

-Fill your eggs with the colored mix

-Add the pupil, the center of the eye, this can easily be a sliced olive.  The olives taste great with deviled eggs, so you’ll just have to decide if you want to use a black or green olive.

-Gently squirt some food dye for the blood splashed look!

That’s it!  Yes, you’ll be hesitant to eat them….at first, but once you get past that you realize they taste awesome and double as creepy decor!  Yum!


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