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Halloween Egg Carton Creepy Critters Craft

With Halloween come fun crafts we do with our children. These crafts are so simply you can pretty much make them with things you already have laying around the house. A few of my favorites you can make with Egg cartons.

Egg Carton Bat

Things you need:

* A clean egg carton, either the cardboard or Styrofoam with work fine.
* Googly eyes, You will need these to make the face.
* Paint, if you want to be crafty you can make some tie dye bats. Or you can just get black paint and paint them black.
* String, you will need this to hang up your bat.

1. First thing you want to do is cut out 3 of the egg holders; make sure you leave them connected. This is the start of your bat.
2. Cut out the front and back of the outside holders, you want to make these look like the bats wings.
3. Now you need to paint your bat, if this is a school art project maybe paint the bats your school colors, and then hang them all over your class.
4. Once the paint has dried you can make it have a cool face with creepy teeth and eyes.

Once you have your bat looking awesome, poke a hole in the top of your bats head. Take your string and make sure you tie a knot in it big enough so it will not go through the head. Now hang it up somewhere and look at your beautiful creation.

For best results make lots. After all you are recycling old egg cartons
Are you ready for another fun Egg carton Craft?
What you need for the Egg Carton Spider:
*1 egg holder, So 1 egg carton will make 12 spooky spiders.
*Paint to paint your spiders, again have fun with this you do not have to paint them black.
*Googly eyes, your spider needs eyes!
* Pipe Cleaners, need to make those legs don’t you.
* Scissors
1. Cut out one egg holder. This will be your spider once we have completed this project.
2. Get out the paints and paint your spider. If you want, you can make a black widow. In this case use red and black paint. Just have fun and make these spiders look spooky.
3. After these have dried add your eyes. You can use either paint or googly eyes.
4. Now you need to take a pointy pair of scissors and make four small holes on each side of the egg holder. You can also use a pencil if you need to.
5. Take your pipe cleaners and insert them into the holes. Tie them together on the inside so they do not fall out. Now bend them to form legs and so your spider will stand up.
Put your spiders all over the room.


  1. Suzy says:

    This is a fun idea! I have an idea that’s really easy to do. It’s how to make “lollipop ghosts.” You get a whole bunch of suckers, like tootsie pops, kleenex, ribbon, and a sharpie. You put a tissue over the sucker and tie it with a ribbon and fluff it out a little, then draw a boo ghost face on it with the sharpie. Super easy and cute if you make a whole bunch and give them out as treats!!! =] My mom did this with me when I was little for the class.

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