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Gold Medalist Lochte Has a Grill and You Can Too!


Ryan Lochte is the olympic gold medalist in the 400m individual swim medley.  He suprisingly beat out Michael Phelps, but not the record Phelps set four years ago.  Once Lochte took the podium stand for his gold medal he suprised everyone with a sparkely diamond grill in his mouth!  His custom-made diamond grill sparked particular attention…in fact he was banned from wearing it on the medal stand!  If you ask me that’s is some bologna!  The Olympic officials actually told him that if he wore it he WOULDN’T get his gold!  OMG!  Let’s think here, it is jewelry and although it’s not around his neck, but in his mouth…it’s not allowed?  I’d say Ryan Lochte has some serious swag!

You too can get a new grill for your mouth!  Yes!  Whether it’s some zobie or vampire costume swag…we’ve got those grills for you!

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