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Get Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse…Blend In With Costume.

 If you are a “The Walking Dead” fan then you are probably just as obsessed as I am with Zombies.  I don’t what it is, I’ve always had this inclining that zombies interesting, but then the old comic, “The Walking Dead” became the awesome show on AMC, and now we are all obsessed. walking logo

If you watch the show you know that many times the living has gotten a way around the dead by dousing themselves in walkers blood.  Yuck- but if it saves me…I’m doing it.  I am thinking a similar approach but by using a costume.  That’s right blend in with costume now, then should the time arrise don’t hesitate to douse yourself in the walkers stench.

Here are some great options for blending in with Zombie costume or view all zombie costumes and accessories


 photo z5_zps5a559825.jpg

 photo z2_zpsc1f88e46.jpg

 photo z4_zps0df03a87.jpg

 photo z1-1_zps8a81b655.jpg

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