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Fun Halloween Classroom Games

Out of all the Holidays there is two favorites, that the children love the most first being Christmas and second being Halloween. Although, some children’s favorite holiday is Halloween. The main reason Halloween is on the top of the list, is that children get to explore their imagination. They get to dress up in spooky outfits, and just have fun.

Most schools also have a little trick up their sleeves when it comes to Halloween. Teachers will plan class parties for the day, so even though the children are learning they are also having fun.

One great Halloween classroom games for the younger children, is pumpkin bowling. To play pumpkin bowling you will need some inexpensive plastic pumpkin buckets, stack them into a pyramid shape on the floor. When stacking these you can stack as tall as you like, just keep in mind safety. Now you will some lightweight balls, have the children line up and have some fun. You can also have them play for prizes. This makes a fun game for those Fall Festivals.

Another great game is musical chairs, with spooky Halloween Music. What kid doesn’t like Halloween music? Play this the same way you would regular musical chairs, but instead of just walking have them be spooky while going around the chairs, always a big hit and lots of fun.

However, if you’re wanting to go a less hectic approach at some Halloween fun you can always turn story time into a fun way for all the children to interact. Have everyone sit in a circle, someone start with a story then, the story continues in a circle with each student adding something else to the story. What would be great for this is, record the story then put it into a small book for the children as a keepsake.

When planning this parties think of the children who will be involved with them, and make them age appropriate.

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