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Face Painting Tips

Face painting is a favorite to most kids, during festive events. Soon Halloween will be here and the face painting season with be in high gear.

Here you will find a few easy face painting tips that will make painting neat designs and animals on the children’s face a lot less stressful and more enjoyable for the adult. First, you will want to purchase some good quality, water base face paints. These can be found online or some theatrical stores may carry them as well. Water base face paints go on easy and come off easy.

If you plan to paint designs on a small group of children then you should only need about 2 or 3 small to medium paint brushes. If you are expecting a larger crowd, be sure you have several brushes on hand. You will also need a bowl, or cup of water to rinse your brush as you are working, as well as some paper towels. To help clean up any messes that may happen.

Some easy and fun Halloween designs are the pumpkin, and the ghost. Pumpkins are fun to make you can make all kinds of different faces. The ghost is another simple design, first you would start a triangle then make a wavy line to make your ghost take its shape. Fill in the inner area with white paint, and add your eyes and make a smile. You can have fun with these as well, if you would like, make them different colors.

One thing to remember is have fun and keep it simple when face painting.

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