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Cheers to St Patrick’s Day!

A simple thought of St Patrick’s Day will put you into a mood for beer, especially green beer. It’s a day to drink, eat and be merry! Saint Patrick’s Day is traditionally a religious holiday. However today it has become more like a secular celebration. Among the many traditions followed, drinking has become a must-do activity. There are some classic drinking games associated with St Patty’s day celebration to make the festivities fun and enjoyable.

Beer Pong

In this classic game of beer pong, the player throws a ping-pong ball or a tennis ball into plastic cups of the opposite team without knocking them down. Once a ball lands in a cup, the content of the cup is consumed by the player. You can convert this game into St Patrick ’s Day Beer Pong by decorating the plastic cups with four-leaf-clover stickers and filling the cups with green beer.

Shot Potato

This game is played exactly like the hot potato game. Instead of going out, here the loser is punished with a shot. Get a group of friends in circle and pass a potato with some Irish music playing in the background. When the music stops, whoever has the potato needs to take a shot. To give a St Patrick’s touch, paint shamrocks over the potato and use green beer for shots.

Power Hour

In this game, players drink a specified number of alcohol shots in an hour. The last person standing is declared as the winner of the game. To make it a St Patty’s drinking game, use green beer for shots.

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Drinking games are sure to give everyone a fun time. But remember to drink sensibly and know when to stop drinking!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!

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