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Celebrate Half-O-Ween With iCarly on Nick

This year iCarly is celebrating Halloween twice:

On this episode of iCarly there is a costume convention down the street from where they live.  That’s when they get the brilliant idea for HALF-o-WEEN!  It’s half way to Halloween and they cannot wait any longer!  So Halloween is born into an official new holiday and announce it on iCarly-their show.

Half-o-Ween wouldn’t be complete without a party so they threw one- a fabulously decorated one!  Then their arch-enemy Neval shows up to wreck the party!  Wan’t to know what happens?  You’ll just have to watch it with your kiddies like I did!

My favorite part to this episode the awesome the decorations and silly Halloween cosutmes– they always go all out on this show and so the decorations were extreme!  But wait- what did they dress up as?  Take a look at the picture and see if you can guess!

Um yea…iCarly is dressed as sushi!

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