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5 St. Patrick’s Day Accessories You Have To Have!

 Woo hoo one of our favorite holidays is right around the corner:  St. Patrick’s Day!  So now I have brought you some of the most awesome accessories that you just HAVE to have in order to have the most amazing St. Patty’s day possible. 

 1. HellO Irish!  These awesome irish adult shoes feature a 2.5 inch heel, a black rounded sparkly toe and green sides with gold trim and buttons and a green clover on the front.

2.  Grab a pack of these fun straws, 6 straws are included in each pack.  These silly straws have a green moustache so that when you are drinking through it you appear to have a St. Patty’s day fun face!

3.  OH yeahhh the luck of the Irish is usually red (orangish) hair!  So go ahead and get in the spirit and use these self-adhesive eyebrows, sideburns, and beard! 

4.  For the party!  Or get together, everyone must choose and wear the badge- in this case themed glitter tattoos, and plenty to go around with 144 per pack!  These last about 3-5 days and are easily applied and removed!  (TIP:  Use a warm wet rag to apply and baby oil to remove.)

5.  Impressive and comfortable!  This awesome wig easily fits over your head with a stretch band around to stay on with comfort!  The banner across the forehead reads:  “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.”

 photo groupp_zps1fb14e5a.jpg

The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That!

Oh yea that’s right it’s almost time for Dr. Seuss’ birthday!  In case you didn’t know, Dr. Seuss did so much awesomeness for children learning to read that there is now a whole day for him right on his birthday- Read Across America.  If you have kids, then you probably know that this upcoming week is a school celbration for Dr. Seuss and reading.  So…have a party!

Every party needs decorations, and I tend to go a bit overboard when it comes to decorations! I actually ordered gifts for my daughter AND party decorations all in the same place from Costumes4Less.com Yes, Costumes 4 Less also has party supplies and gifts!

 Here’s what I ordered this party the snazz it needed:

-Cat in the Hat cardboard cut-out stand up.
-Cat in the Hat hooded beach towel
-Cat in the Hat chair
-Red and Bermuda blue table ware
-Party pack with red/blue balloons, streamers, decor
-Plastic champagne flutes
-Red paper lanterns garland
-Blue flag banner

I know there was a bunch more that I ordered along with that! Anyways, a couple of the things I ordered I modified to make more “catty” decorations. These were bought decorations with extra special time put into them giving the party more of a diy feel.
 photo birthday15.jpg

I especially order the red champagne flutes because when I was a kid I always loved pretending to drink out of the fancy cups. Well these flues were fancy with a twist! I painted white lines on all of the flutes so that they would resemble Cat in the Hat’s hat. Then I took the red paper lantern garland and when it arrived it’s folded together, so when you open it up, it pops out to become a lantern. Well I keep this unopened and then just painted the rims of it with my white. I then popped it open and hung to dry, but this created a cute mod mini Cat in the the Hat’s hat decorations! Let me just say everyone loved them! Sometimes you just have to think outside the box, for easy ways to decorate, get crafty and have a partay!

 photo birthday2.jpg

The tableware was perfect, the party pack I bought came with a bunch of things, balloons, streamers, string, plates, napkins, forks, spoons, tablecloth. It was the perfect colors too, the simple red and Bermuda blue. My husband argued with me that it could be any blue and red and I had to correct him and tell him, no it has to be Bermuda Blue. I was right! I just loved the way the tables turned out.

 photo z1.jpg

I also ordered this gorgeous blue velour Cat in the Hat chair and stool. Omg, I just love this chair, it’s absolutely adorable! My little “Sally” sat in this chair to open her presents, and of course to get her picture taken, but now she just sits in this chair when she’s reading or simply relaxing. This chair was awesome because it doubled as a whimsical decoration as well as a gift for the birthday girl or for read across America week this chair could stand for the person who is reading to the others!
 photo c2.jpg


A Christmas Story Movie Must Haves!

One of my all time favorite Christmas movies (close in the running with “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” and “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”)  is “A Christmas Story.”  I grew up on this movie, a total classic!  So when you are sitting down this holiday season watching “A Christmas Story,” it would be fun to also dress the part! 

“He looks like a pink nightmare!”  (Ralphie in the bunny suit)  Wouldn’t your Christmas cards look great in this suit!

This A Christmas Story Bunny Suit is available in Child and Adult sizes!


F-R-A-G-I-L-E   …Well what on earth could be inside this?  A Christmas Story Fragile Crate Costume

“IT’S A MAJOR AWARD!”  haha this is one of the funniest parts of the movie, and then when she purposely breaks the lamp and he says, “You used up all the glue on purpose!”  Hilarious!  Perhaps ladies you want to remind you’re husband that he doesn’t need a lap to look at sexy legs because he’s got you!  Leg Lamp Costume

Fan Favorites Halloween Costumes

Take a look at some of our fabulous fans Halloween costumes that they bought especially from Costumes4Less becasue we have the largest selection of costumes on this planet! 



We are so thankful for our loyal customers!  We just adore seeing your awesome costumes in use…our customers are what really makes us passionate about coming up with the largest selection of not only costumes, but lingerie, shoes, and party supplies!  Remember we’ve got everything from Christmas lingerie to new years party supplies, and so much more!

Halloween foodie fun!

Today we’re bringing you two awesome ways to spice up the snacks at your Halloween party!  We are huge advocates of trying new things and these two super easy to make snacks require NO cooking!  (that’s the part we love too!) 

1.  No Mess Caramel Apples:  Caramel apples are always a big favorite at Halloween and seasonal parties, but what about the mess they cause.  You know, you’re all dressed up and those apples are just staring at you saying, “eat me, I’m delicious!”  And yes, they’re delicious but you don’t want to smear your make-up, drip on your costume, or look like a pig devouring a big ‘ol apple covered in caramel.  Plus, most times the apples are just too big, who wants to eat an entire apple in the middle of a party?  That’s exactly why we’ve tried a new caramel apple! 

-Slice the apples

-Stick a toothpick in them

-Dip in caramel

-Lay them out on a platter

-Cover in theme colored sprinkles (use orange, black, blues, and purples for Halloween)

-Add a few strawberries for prettiness!

That’s it!  Now you’ve made a simple and delightful snack!  No one has to look goofy chewing on a huge apple on a stick, those “dieters” won’t feel bad about these, and it looks gorgeous!


2.  Bloody Zombie Eye Deviled Eggs:  Come on who doesn’t love deviled eggs!?  That’s why they are a must for your Halloween party, but let’s add a twist to these scrumptious snacks! 

-Make deviled eggs as you normally would

-Add red (or green) food dye to the yolk mix, if you’re using red, use a lot so they don’t come out pink.  You’ll also need a full bottle to make them green!

-Fill your eggs with the colored mix

-Add the pupil, the center of the eye, this can easily be a sliced olive.  The olives taste great with deviled eggs, so you’ll just have to decide if you want to use a black or green olive.

-Gently squirt some food dye for the blood splashed look!

That’s it!  Yes, you’ll be hesitant to eat them….at first, but once you get past that you realize they taste awesome and double as creepy decor!  Yum!


Make Your Brew To Die For!

If you are planning a Halloween party then there are a couple of things you will HAVE to have.  Let’s see….drinks and decorations for sure!  These fabulouse bottle labels actually double as both your party drinks and decorations!  They are too funny and we’ve got labels for every bottle type!  That’s right we’ve got labels for wine, beer, liquor, and even soda – all with awesome Halloweeny themed brew sayings.  Check them out:

Here are our Halloween Wine Bottle Labels

“Rat Poison”

“Embalming Juice”  on a Pinnacle vodka bottle 

“Zombie Virus” 

 We also have Glow in the Dark Soda Bottle Labels


Glow in the Dark Wine and Liquor Bottle Labels 


 And how about some Beer Bottle Labels!

Leg Avenue Scarf Hoods Give Character!

Scarf hood?  What the heck is a scarf hood?!  Well let me tell you, they are pretty darn cool!  Think of a hood, like a beanie, with long sides attached to make sort of a scarf.  Yes…probably the most comfortable thing ever, and the best part is they are super sexy, playful, and hot on! 

Starting from the left this is the “Angry Ed” hilarious furry character hood has crazy eyes and horns with furry pom pom ties, made by Leg Avenue.

In the center you’ll see Leg Avenue’s monster collection hoodie.  Leg Avenue has toddler, child, teen, and adult monster costumes that are too cute.  They al have fun bright colors, furry parts of the costume, and very playful!  Check out the Leg Avenue Monster Costumes!

On the right you will see the Leg Avenue Wolf scarf hood.  This simple and sassy hood has faux fur hood with cute wolf hears and an attached scarf with pink paw printed mittens!  It’s adorable!  Leg Avenue has an entire line of scarf hoods including the wolf, stunk, bear, fox, and kitty!  You’ll love all of these scarf hoods!

Vampire Hubby Robert Pattinson Is Available Again!

Hey Ladies, have you heard?  Everyone’s favorite vampire Robert Pattinson is back on the market!  Twihards everywhere are going nuts!  The latest Hollywood scandal revealed that Pattinson’s long time girlfriend, Kristen Stewart (aka bella from Twilight) cheated on him with Rupert Sanders.  Boo!  Kristen you are crazy girl!  Rupert Sanders is about twice her age…and married with two kids.  Now obviously we aren’t saying it’s all her fault, or all sanders..it certainly takes two to play that game.  But what we are saying is that hubby Robert Pattinson is back on the market.  Twilight’s hottest star is now single and again and we’re thinking Twilight fans everywhere may just want to play vampire with him!

Well guys, we know it’s not easy competing with Hollywood hottie Pattinson, but we can help you out with the look!  That’s right, want to dress as a vampire and real in as many girls as Pattinson did?  Check out some of our hottest male vampire costumes:


Gold Medalist Lochte Has a Grill and You Can Too!


Ryan Lochte is the olympic gold medalist in the 400m individual swim medley.  He suprisingly beat out Michael Phelps, but not the record Phelps set four years ago.  Once Lochte took the podium stand for his gold medal he suprised everyone with a sparkely diamond grill in his mouth!  His custom-made diamond grill sparked particular attention…in fact he was banned from wearing it on the medal stand!  If you ask me that’s is some bologna!  The Olympic officials actually told him that if he wore it he WOULDN’T get his gold!  OMG!  Let’s think here, it is jewelry and although it’s not around his neck, but in his mouth…it’s not allowed?  I’d say Ryan Lochte has some serious swag!

You too can get a new grill for your mouth!  Yes!  Whether it’s some zobie or vampire costume swag…we’ve got those grills for you!

The Ultimate Night Out With Magic Mike!

Magic Mike finally hit the theaters last week and we know all the ladies are simply stoked to go see it!  Magic Mike features the sexy Channing Tatum AND for a double whammy Mathew McConaughey!   Whether you are looking to have a cool girls night out party, or you are gearing up for your girlfriends bachelorette party, Costumes 4 Less has all your Girls Night needs!  So what are your plans?  Will you be grabbing a limo out to your favorite restaurant and then see Magic Mike in theaters?  Whatever it may be here are a few ideas to get you started:

1.  “Put a ring on it” Napkin, plate, cup, party supplies!

2.  Super cute girly shot glasses

3.  Dress the boys up as firemen!