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“It is fun to have fun but you have to know how”

“It is fun to have fun but you have to know how”

 Wondering, where you have heard this before? Yes, you’re right! We are talking about Dr Seuss, one of the world’s most celebrated children’s authors.  Every year on March 2, children all over the world celebrate his birthday by reading his treasured books and engaging in fun activities that reflect his brilliant work.

Like the quote says, knowing how to have fun is very important to have fun! Today, I am going to give you some fun Seussical activities to do in the event of Dr Seuss Birthday celebration. Here are some tips you could use to celebrate the day with costumes, food and activities inspired by the one and only Dr. Seuss.

Dr Seuss Party Dress-up

Start off your party by dressing up as one of his characters. If you find difficulty in picking a matching costume, good place to start shopping is our costumes category. There you’ll find a fantastic selection of costumes like the Cat in the Hat or Thing One and Thing Two, perfect for your celebration.

Dr. Seuss Party Food

A party is not complete without food! Celebrate the day with food inspired from his stories. How about Green Eggs and Ham? Just add green food color to the yolk mixture of any recipe and serve it with ham slices!

Dr Seuss Party Activities

Kids could read out their favorite Dr Seuss book to their friends. They could also make their own Cat in the Hat hat. Cut large strips of red and white paper and stick those together with glue and your tall top hat is ready.
Voila! Simple and fun!!!

Game Of Thrones Fan?

Here at Costumes4Less we love GOT.  Planning on going as a GOT character for Halloween or Cosplay purposes this year?  We have great accessories to help you make the perfect double.

Here’s a great sword for Rob Stark:













And here is a great wig for Daenerys Targaryen:











And if you want to get really creative with your decorations!  Make a house Targaryen pumpkin carving like the one we made below:


What To Do With Pumpkin Seeds

HL2EAT THEM!  Some people have never heard of eating pumpkin seeds, but they are very rich in protein as well as minerals phosphorus, magnesium, and manganese, and a good source of the minerals zinc, iron, and copper!  Yes, you can eat them and they are very good for you!  Check out this yummy recipe to do with your pumpkin seeds!

1 cup fresh pumpkin seeds, cleaned and dried.

3 tablespoons sugar

Place your seeds on a baking pan in the over for about 5 minutes at 350 degrees then remove. Use a frying pan and add about 3 tablespoons of sugar.  Stir often and wait for sugar to caramelize.  Once sugar is caramelized remove from burner.  Mix caramelized sugar and baked seeds together then pour onto parchment paper and let cool.  Add some salt and wa la!  Break apart and eat!  Enjoy your seeds!

Spooky Prints Halloween Craft

c4l1If you still have little ones celebrating Halloween this is a great holiday craft with little skill required and turns out cute as ever!

You’ll need:

Black, white, green, and orange paint

2 canvas’

little kid hands and feet!

Start by simply painting each canvas.  Next paint on your spiderweb and polka dots.  Then you’ll want to scoop your kiddie and dip them in paint.  Add their prints.  Add your word of choice, Eek and Boo went well with a spider and ghost, but you can add your word of choice.   Finally you have made a super cute custom Halloween decoration that also serves an a great way to remember baby hands and toes!

Walking Dead Returns!

The highly anticipated zombie favorite returns to AMC.  The opening night last Sunday left a idea on what twist this season had in store for us.  If you recall “Violet” not feeling well, The Walking Dead just added a spoiler on their Facebook page.


So what do you think this means?  Is it a true spoiler or do we think there zombies are now capable of infecting animals?

Let your kiddies dress up as Rick Grimes!  And maybe you can be Violet!  Check a few of the costumes we offer below to make this adorable duo possible.c4l2 dead1



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A plastic pirate vest:


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New Clip from Iron Man 3 is out!


Oh boy the date for the release of Iron Man 3 just keeps getting closer! We cannot wait, and I bet you were just dying to see the new Iron Man 3 costume as well!  Here you go… enjoy!

Get Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse…Blend In With Costume.

 If you are a “The Walking Dead” fan then you are probably just as obsessed as I am with Zombies.  I don’t what it is, I’ve always had this inclining that zombies interesting, but then the old comic, “The Walking Dead” became the awesome show on AMC, and now we are all obsessed. walking logo

If you watch the show you know that many times the living has gotten a way around the dead by dousing themselves in walkers blood.  Yuck- but if it saves me…I’m doing it.  I am thinking a similar approach but by using a costume.  That’s right blend in with costume now, then should the time arrise don’t hesitate to douse yourself in the walkers stench.

Here are some great options for blending in with Zombie costume or view all zombie costumes and accessories


 photo z5_zps5a559825.jpg

 photo z2_zpsc1f88e46.jpg

 photo z4_zps0df03a87.jpg

 photo z1-1_zps8a81b655.jpg