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Too cute to be evil!

Minions, the small yellow banana-loving creatures with one or two eyes have been existing since the beginning of time with a purpose to serve history’s most despicable masters. The latest movie Minions, a prequel/spin-off to Despicable Me (2010) and Despicable Me 2 features three minions namely Stuart, Bob and Kevin, venturing out into the word to find a new master for them to follow.

We at Costumes4less.com, maintains a fantastic collection of Minions costumes that help you to relive the excitement and adventure your favorite Minion characters experiences in the movie. In our licensed Minions Costumes, you can become Stuart, Kevin or any of your other minion favorites. You can also choose to become the super-villain Gru from the earlier movie Despicable Me. We have a huge selection of these movie costumes and accessories for adults, kids and toddlers. These popular costumes are not just for Halloween any more, it can be worn year round. These costumes also make a great family or group costumes.


The classic Minion Costumes features the yellow jumpsuit and blue denim overalls just like in the movie. Some of the costume sets comes with matching accessories like gloves, headpiece and googles. We also have Pirate Minion and Dracula Minion costume too.

If your girl is a hard-core fan of Minions, then we have the girlier version of Minion costumes too. It includes a jumper costume that features yellow top along with a denim-like overall skirt. In addition, we have hooded tank dress featuring Minion face for the female fans of Minions.

Our Minion T-shirts and Minion hoodies can be worn anytime year round. Pair these with matching accessories like goggles to add a touch of authenticity to the character look.

In addition, we also have full party kits in this theme and individual items like plates, cups and napkins that feature the cute pictures of the minions from the movie to make your party perfect.

So, get ready for evil in no time and let the fun begin with our costumes and accessories!

SpiderMan Costumes

Well folks, here it is! For our fans eagerly awaiting Spider-Man 3, we have the most recently launched Spiderman costumes, masks and accessories from the movie. This costume will have your child feel like the Superhero of the century. We have included some of the very astonishing Superhero costumes from Spiderman to Superman with many choices to select from.

What kids like in Spiderman, what amazes them the most and why are they attracted towards these Spiderman Costumes. The reason is simply because Spiderman gets rid of the evil and can fly, something that many of us wish we could do.

Here is your chance to fulfill the desire of your kid to act out his favorite hero and play Spider-Man. We offer some of the very high quality and luxurious Spiderman costumes that your child will like to wear it over again.

With these Spiderman costumes, you will look like the web slinging super hero of the centuries! Choose a Spiderman costume or a super hero costume you are sure to love! A child Spiderman costume is always a great idea for a Halloween costume!

We also stock in some of the very high quality and fun accessories to match these Spiderman costumes. Most of these accessories come along with these costumes while you will also have the option to select from a wide collection that we have in our online catalog.

If you are looking at purchasing a variety of children and adult fancy dresses, then there is no better place other than Costumes4Less.Com to shop for these fancy Spiderman Costumes.

So, just check out our online store for some of the wonderful fairy Spiderman costumes for yourself and for your child this Halloween, this will give you a little kick-start to your Halloween season. These Costumes can be the best choice when you are attending a fun party or a celebrative occasion, and can bring in a lot of charm, excitement, and smiles on the faces of everyone.

Star War Costumes

When it comes to kids Halloween Costumes, you need look no further. The choices for a child’s Halloween costume are endless. We have scary kids Halloween costumes, funny Halloween costumes and all the popular kids’ costumes. However, Star War Costumes are rated the top class, and most widely used amongst the children.

Many of our kid’s Halloween costumes like the Star War Costumes come in infant Halloween costume sizes and toddler Halloween costume sizes. We as well have several regular boys Halloween costumes, and girls Halloween costumes.

At Costumes4Less.Com, you will find some of the very rare, authentic kids to adult size star wars costumes, masks and accessories. In fact, star wars theme is the common ones for children’s parties.

TV and Movie Character costumes are always a hit, we all have our characters we love and Halloween is one time where we can dress up as one of them. The best of all is the Star War Costumes. We have perfect combination of these all time favorite, luxurious costumes on display for you to see and select.

Vast range of Star Wars costumes, Star Wars masks and helmets and Light-sabers for adults and children. We have a complete range of these costumes that are carefully handpicked. As well as thoroughly tested before displaying them on our Online Store. Our safe and secure shopping will make it much easier and simpler for you to shop hassle-free.

Star War Costumes are just perfect for those superhero parties! The one good advantage in buying these costumes is that you can relax yourself in these costumes. You can also wear it time and time again! Start singing your favorite tunes in full Star War Costume.

Pirate Costumes

At Costumes4Less.Com, you can find a huge collection of Fancy Dress Costumes. The commonly used amongst these are the Pirate Costumes. Which are in available in various sizes and trends in our online catalog. We have these Pirate Costumes of various types like sexy pirate costumes, a pirate captain costume, a swashbuckler costume, pirate queen costumes, buccaneer and musketeer costumes and more. These are simply great for Halloween or even birthday parties.

We have covered almost each type of Pirate Costume like Caribbean, classic, deluxe and discount pirates. You will surely be the hit of this Season or an event with these sexy sultry Pirate Costumes.

We even have some of the hit costumes from various movies like the official licensed Jack Sparrow costume from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The Captain Jack Sparrow costume is the hottest costume for men and boys. They will truly drive your imagination and you will feel like a very distinctive creature in these costumes. With each costume, you can also choose to buy costume accessories, which will make your costume, look from ordinary to extraordinary. Some of the accessories, which are very widely used in combination with these costumes, are eye patches, boots, wigs, hats, swords, pistols, gold coins and more.

Our Pirate Costumes offer choices for everyone and every budget. From adult pirate costumes to sexy to plus size and kids. You will find the right kind of costumes to suit your choice and style.

We have been providing a large selection of only high quality Pirate Costumes for over a decade now. We have 100% customer satisfaction and excellent customer service and the best prices anywhere!

All of our Pirate costumes are for sale on our website.  We offer these costumes to our consumers much before the start of the Halloween. You can shop safely by placing orders using our safe and online ordering system. We make online ordering safe and secure using the highest level of online ordering security.

Disney Costumes

Disney Characters are some of the truly amazing, funny and majestic Characters which are so very popular amongst the children, and young at heart. These characters share an inexplicable bond drawing children towards them from all over the world. Whether they are reading books about their favorite Disney Character or watching their favorite Disney Movie. Children are in awe with how cute and fancy these characters really are.

At Costumes4Less.Com, you will be find all types of Disney Character Costumes which will give you a wide range to select from for your child. We have these Disney character costumes ranging in different varieties, styles and sizes. Although these Disney Costumes are hot favorites amongst the children especially for the Halloween, these costumes are equally popular year round.

They are ideal for:

* Everyday dress-up fun

* Tea parties

* Princess birthday parties

* Carnivals, fairs, and festivals

* School plays

* Religious parties or festivals

These interesting and funny Disney characters have some fascinating wonderful tales surrounding them, and you won’t be to surprised if your child wants to dress up as their favorite Disney character this Halloween Season. The most popular being the Cinderella, Alice in Wonderful, and Mickey Mouse.

It is amazing how some characters just capture a child’s heart. Just ask a little girl about her Barbie doll. Similarly, the fairy tale of Cinderella holds untold appeal, even amongst kids who are probably not old enough to understand the intricacies of the tale. Cinderella costumes, which accentuate the beauty, simplicity and sincerity of this famous Disney character, are an all-time favorite.

If you are having a Disney Party you can make it complete, and enjoyed much more if you have your kids dress up in costumes of at least some Disney characters. If you are doing a Cinderella theme let the party girl be Cinderella for the day.  It will sure be a birthday she will remember for ever.

Kids love playing dress up so what better time to let them then at birthday parties. Who said children only love parties for the cake and ice cream. Let your child’s imagination sore as they dress up as their favorite Disney Character. It is such a joy to see a happy, playful child Dressed up in these majestic Disney Character Costumes!

Batman Costumes

Batman costumes have been classical favorites amongst people for many years – especially among the children and the younger generation who love to take on the superhero look and enjoy their moments. Even adults love to the superhero look.

Batman has been a super-hero lively character and most widely cherished all over the world. Batman has been an epic character of his era where he witnessed the murder of his parents as a child and it leads him to train himself to the peak of physical and intellectual perfection, don a bat-themed costume, and fight crime. Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess superhuman powers or abilities; he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, and intimidation in his war on crime.

The look & the style of the Batman costume have also been changing dramatically through the character’s evolution, but the consistency still remains with the most distinctive elements being common in various types of batman costumes that we see nowadays : a black scallop-hem cape, a cowl covering most of the face featuring a pair of batlike ears, and a stylized bat emblem on the chest, plus the ever-present utility belt.

His gloves also typically feature three scallops that protrude from the sides. The most significant costume variations over the years involve the chest emblem–a yellow ellipse was added in 1964, and has come and gone since then; and the color scheme, alternately lighter colors (medium blue and light gray) or darker (black and dark gray). The length of the cowl’s ears and of the cape vary greatly depending on the artist. On film, his uniform varies from its comic versions.

We just have the perfect combination of these artistic Batman costumes & accessories which will drive your imagination & will take you to the era of the Superhero of your dreams. Select from our wide collection of Batman Costumes / Robin Costumes for party, Halloween and any occasion & enjoy being a superhero in your Batman costume.

Spider Man Costumes

Black Spider Man CostumeEvery Dad is a hero to their children and what better way to have a little fun, then to dress up this Halloween season as your child’s favorite super hero. When you are trying to decide on the perfect Halloween Costumes don’t forget to pick a matching one for your little guy.

Costumes4Less has several models of the Spider Man Costumes to pick from. Whether you want to be the good Spider Man or the bad Spider Man, your little one will be just as excited to have dad dress up with them this Halloween Season.

Worried about the Halloween Costumes not fitting? Not to worry they have you covered up to size 46.

Do not forget all the accessories that go with the Spiderman Costumes.

Best Star Wars Costumes

The Star Wars movies and TV series is so popular that almost everybody recognizes the characters. It has been over three decades that this craze began and it shows no signs of dying out. One of the reasons why people love to dress up as the characters of this series is that their costumes are literally out of this world. Although everyone recognizes the characters, people look far from ordinary if they wear the clothes that the characters wear. However, in spite of being very different, these clothes do not look absolutely outlandish.

If your child is interested in Star Wars, you may buy them Star Wars costumes. Kids love Darth Vader outfits because they like to be the Dark Lord of the Sith. Darth Vader black fabric capes, boot tops, belts, face masks, light sabers and belts can be easily purchased from online dealers of Star Wars costumes. Many people prefer dressing up like Yoda because all that one needs is a mask and a long beige robe. The Storm trooper outfit is also quite eye-catching because jumpsuits with white battle armor are available with the online suppliers.

There are several advantages of buying outfits from the online dealers. The first advantage is that they provide products at remarkably low prices. Another advantage is that one does not have to leave one’s home to get the exact Star Wars costume that one desires. If you want a Star Wars costume, all you have to do is order the stuff that you want and it will be shipped to you.

It is advisable to purchase the things that you need from a trustworthy online dealer such as http://www.costumes4less.com/. The good thing about this supplier is that they provide affordable and high quality products.

Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes

The days of the pirates may be over but the charm associated with them is still alive. The fact people still flock to see movies about these daredevils proves that they are very much alive in the imaginations of both children and adults. It does not matter if you do not get to sore the high seas and drink kegs of rum everyday, but you can be anybody you wish to be on Halloween night.

It is on such a night, when the bonfires are lit, that you may catch the eye of some wench or mate with an adult pirate costume. When you dressed as a plunderer of the high seas, you never know how many hearts you will steal!

If you are a man, then you may choose to be a cutthroat captain or a rustic who is ready to use his rusty musket more often than required.

If you are a woman, you may be a naughty wench or an elegant lady with an aristocratic accent.

It is very difficult to get the right look if you try to make adult pirate costumes at home. While pirates did wear worn-out clothes, the real charm of their clothes lies in the fact that they were made specifically for traveling on the sea. Such fabrics are difficult to obtain and the easiest way to get the right look is to go for the stuff that is available with the online suppliers who deal in adult pirate costumes.

Star Wars Costumes for Adult and Children

Welcome to the fantasy world of Star Wars. Its a world that has entertained the young and old across continents. Star Wars Costumes will continue to enthrall each time you wear one. The choices of these costumes are most impressive. You can order Star Wars costumes for Darth Vader, Chewbacca, the Stormtroopers or Jedi Knight. You could buy a Yoda costume for a toddler and a Luke Skywalker costume for a child. For women you can order costumes for Princess Leia or Amidala.

Star Wars masks and accessories are also available in a large range such as Darth Vader’s gloves, Padmes blaster and Jango Fett gun. You have Star Wars Yoda FX Light saber and Anakins Light saber among others. The masks are really most attractive in the Star Wars masks and accessories section such as Clone Trooper, Jar Jar Blinks, Boba Fett, C3PO and Sebulba besides Watto and Naboo Starfighter. They are all brilliantly done and most tempting.