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Pumpkin Carving

One thing the children love about Halloween is being able to carve a pumpkin. I recently gave you a few tips on pumpkin decorations for the younger children. Now I am going to give you some great ideas for the older kids when it comes time to decorate those pumpkins.

While carving pumpkins can be simple it can also be difficult, it can be a pain to get the small details to work properly. It is important that when carving you have smaller tools as well to get into those small areas.

When searching for pumpkins make sure you get one that has a strong stem and that has a surface that looks like it will be easy to carve. If you want to use pumpkin carving stencils make sure the size will work for you.

One thing I have learned while carving pumpkins with stencils, is you can use coloring pages to make your outlines. This way you have a ton of options to pick from. There is also many wonderful sites that offer pumpkin carving stencils.

Make sure, before you start carving your pumpkin, you wash it with 1 tsp bleach and a gallon of water this will prevent it from molding.

When you are ready to carve your pumpkin you can do it a few different ways, you can either do it all freehanded or you can use pumpkin carving stencils. When using pumpkin carving stencils, tape your image onto the pumpkin and then you can trace it firmly so that you are leaving an impression on your pumpkin. Once you have the impression start carving with a pumpkin carving knife.

If you are not wanting to get messy, you can always draw an image onto your pumpkin and paint it, this looks awesome and then you can leave your pumpkin whole. Remember to have fun.

Tips to Make Babies First Halloween Memorable

Babies, first Halloween is always a memorable one. Here you will find a few ideas to help you create the most memorable first Halloween for Baby.

When trying to create the most memorable event, you will want to take pictures as well as home videos. With these, you will be able to recreate the day.

You can be frugal for babies first Halloween.

We all know babies first Halloween should be special. However, it should not break us either. You can have a very memorable Halloween with, a new Halloween Costume, or a costume handed down by a sibling.

Some safety tips to think about while making babies first Halloween memorable is, make sure you are not trying to make baby wear a mask. Most babies do not like wearing masks, and this will only make them uncomfortable.

Keep an eye on the weather; you do not want to dress baby up in something that will get them cold. You also do not want to over dress them.

Listen to the baby, if they are starting to get cranky and irritated, it might be time to wrap up the festivities, and put the little one down for bed.

However, whatever costume you decide to go with, make sure you keep the tips above in mind. This will help keep baby as comfortable as you can, be safe and have a happy, fun Halloween.

Face Painting Tips

Face painting is a favorite to most kids, during festive events. Soon Halloween will be here and the face painting season with be in high gear.

Here you will find a few easy face painting tips that will make painting neat designs and animals on the children’s face a lot less stressful and more enjoyable for the adult. First, you will want to purchase some good quality, water base face paints. These can be found online or some theatrical stores may carry them as well. Water base face paints go on easy and come off easy.

If you plan to paint designs on a small group of children then you should only need about 2 or 3 small to medium paint brushes. If you are expecting a larger crowd, be sure you have several brushes on hand. You will also need a bowl, or cup of water to rinse your brush as you are working, as well as some paper towels. To help clean up any messes that may happen.

Some easy and fun Halloween designs are the pumpkin, and the ghost. Pumpkins are fun to make you can make all kinds of different faces. The ghost is another simple design, first you would start a triangle then make a wavy line to make your ghost take its shape. Fill in the inner area with white paint, and add your eyes and make a smile. You can have fun with these as well, if you would like, make them different colors.

One thing to remember is have fun and keep it simple when face painting.

Planning The Perfect Halloween Party

Did you know to have a successful Halloween party; it is a good idea to start planning ahead of time. With only 52 more days until the scariest day of the year, it might be wise to start the planning, if you are having a party.

To start off, decide what type of foods you want to serve. Halloween is such a fun holiday to cook for, did you know you could take a hot dog cut it into 6 strips long ways, fry it in a pan and have you a fried worm sandwich? Not only does it put a new twist on hot dogs, but also it is a fun way to feed the kids. Maybe watch “How to Eat Fried Worms” while you let the kids eat fried worm sandwiches.

Another fun snack with worms, is make popcorn balls, and then you can add a gummy worm to it, this will give you a apple/worm sort of look. Do not be afraid to let the kids in on the cooking fun. Maybe you could take a large cookie and dress it up like a graveyard. Use your imagination when making these spooky foods, and treats for your guests.

Also, do not forget the spooky music, and Halloween decorations. Did you know Costumes4Less.com offers a large selection of spooky Halloween decorations?  We carry everything from, spooky toilet surprises, to wall art; we also have yard props and decorations.

Once you have a general idea on how you want your party to be, the rest of the plans will fall into place on their own.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a big event celebrated the last day of October. Halloween is not just for the adults, it is also cherish by the children.  Most start preparing for Halloween months in advance. Some are always on the search for the perfect Halloween Costumes, and the best decorations.

After all Halloween is all about the fun. Children look forward to Halloween so they can play those fun games and go on hayrides. Others look forward to getting candy and dressing up spooky. On Halloween night, most dress up in their favorite Halloween Costumes, and go door to door searching for the best Halloween candy.

However, when we are all having fun we forget about safety. Therefore, on Halloween night accidents that we can avoid happen.

Here are a few Halloween tips, to help keep your family safe on Halloween night:

– When you send your kids out for a night of fun make sure you know the route they will be going. This way if they are not home by a certain time, you know which way to go looking.

– I personally recommend having an adult with the children while trick or treating. This will assure the kids are safe.

– Never, allow your child to go alone, make sure they are with several others.

– Wear reflecting clothes, if you do not have any, get the kids glow sticks. They can wear these as bracelets, and necklaces.

– Make sure, if your child is wearing a mask they can still see. If they cannot use face paints instead. You can never be too sure when it comes to your child’s safety.

-Make sure they have flashlights.

– Make sure the kids stick to well lit streets, with lots of houses.

– Set a time; make sure the kids are home by 8pm if they are out on the streets trick or treating.

– Make sure your child knows NEVER to go into someone’s home, even if they are invited into the home on Halloween.  Also, make sure your children know to stay away from the houses with no porch light on.

– Do not run into the streets! On Halloween night more people are out, so make sure your child knows to WATCH where they are going, and does not run across the street.

– Never cross the street between cars and make sure you look both ways.

– Always, have your candy checked by an adult. If the candy looks like it has been open before, throw it away.

Make sure your children know all these guidelines. Remember have fun and be safe.