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What does Easter bunny have to do with Easter?

Let’s rejoice, for this is the time to celebrate!

Easter, the most important holiday which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection is finally here. It has been called a moveable feast since it doesn’t fall on a fixed date as other celebrations do. It also marks the beginning of spring symbolizing new life and birth.

People around the world celebrate Easter in a variety of ways depending on the traditions they follow. In US, Easter is celebrated with much vigor and pomp. It is the tradition here to conduct parades, carnivals, egg decorations, feasts and much more. Easter bunny is an integral part of the celebration. Ask a kid what Easter is all about and he/she is sure to tell you about the Easter bunny and finding the Easter basket filled with all goodies.


The origin of Easter bunny can be traced back to 13th century when people held feasts in the honor of the Teutonic deity Eostra, the goddess of spring and fertility. Rabbit has been the symbol of the goddess because of the animal’s high reproduction rate.

Easter bunny was first brought in to the country by the German settlers during the 1700s. Eventually, the custom spread across the entire country. Kids believe that Easter rabbits lay eggs for them to find on Easter day. The night before Easter, they leave basket for the Easter bunny to put eggs in. Today, eggs has been replaced by chocolates and candies. This folkloric figure is depicted as a rabbit carrying Easter eggs in a basket. Yet another popular tradition is holding parades on the Easter Sunday. It dates back to mid-1800s. People dress up in new and trendy clothes.

Irrespective of the traditions, costumes play an important role in making your Easter an unforgettable experience. Whether it is for Parades, or Egg hunting or simply dressing up, we have Easter bunny costumes from infants to adults. We also have a fantastic selection of Biblical and religious costumes if you are planning to stage religious plays.

However you choose to celebrate, we are here to assist you to pick the right costume to make the celebration a fun and memorable one!

Happy Easter!


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Bunny Honey Child Costume

Easter is almost here! Everyone will be having egg hunts and other fun activities. But you can’t have an egg hunt or even Easter without the Easter Bunny! No one likes to be put in a big stuffy bunny costume though. But don’t worry, the Bunny Honey costume will save the day!

This girl’s costume will put a smile on everyone’s face. With a long sleeve velour dress and a wide accenting belt. You also cannot have an Easter bunny without the cut fluffy little ears. The last, finishing touch, marabou trims at the neckline and wrists.

With a costume like this, the little girl will be the cutest bunny in town! To see a picture of this cute costume click the link below.







Have an Eggcellent Easter!

Are you looking to put together an eggcelent Easter party?  Let us help!  We’ve got everything from Easter baskets to the toys that go inside and the tableware to window clings!  Easter truly marks the day the Jesus resurected and that is why we celebrate.  It’s also one of our favorite holidays!

We love the bright colors, the excitement of an egg hunt, and of course the visit from the Easter bunny!  That’s why we always stock our site with only the funnest products to bring Easter to life.  Here we’re going to highlight a few and talk about why they will compliment your Easter just wonderfully!

First we have our bright round baskets-  These are fabulous if you’re having a family get together with the kids and we all need “same size” baskets to keep things fair!  They come in vibrant pink, aqua blue,  jade green, light yellow, bright orange, and pretty purple!  The grated sides allows you to see how many eggs you’ve collected as well as hold your eggs securely.  We also find these baskets make great prize baskets for finding the “winning” Easter egg after a big hunt! 

How much do you love these rubber ducks! 

We just adore the Easter theme they each have either a basket filled with eggs or pretend bunny ears!  There’s bright spring colors and they are perfect to stick in your toddlers Easter basket!

And your party, egg hunt, or neighbor hood get-together wouldn’t be complete with out our Easter Photo Prop!  For only $8.95 your party will have the most unique touch to it!  Photo opps won’t be forgot when you add this standing backround with cut-out hole prop to your party


Easter Bunny Costumes

Its pretty much easy to find the perfect Easter Bunny Costume for your family gatherings or get together at Costumes4Less.Com. We have covered such a wide range of fabulous , beautiful and high quality Easter Bunny Costumes for adults as well as children which you can wear to your Easter Parties. Be the hit of the Easter party in your very own Easter Bunny costume.

We have a wide collection of these Easter Bunny Costumes and all these costumes have the big fluffy ears. Each costume is so different and very unique which will make it pretty much easier to customize  for your favorite parties and events. These costumes will bring in a lot of excitement especially in the kids when they see the Easter Bunny in their backyards, and you know their excitement priceless. Not only are these costumes great, but they will also bring a memorable moment when you surprise your children with a visit from the Easter Bunny himself.

We carry all types of these Easter Bunny Costumes from very Basic Easter Bunny Costumes to formally atired professional modern looking Eater Costumes. You can find all the overhead mask, body, hands and feet. We also have Easter Bunny Costumes that include vests and bow ties in addition to the base pieces.

When it comes to looking online for bunny costumes, there is no other online store that will offer you affordable prices and the very best quality then Costumes4Less.Com, you will have absolutely no problems getting the desired bunny outfit that will fit most, if not all budgets. It’s easy, fun, and most of all it’s convenient, and what a better way to spend the Easter season with your family, and friends entertaining them with a quality Easter costume that you can wear for many Easters after!

All of the Easter Costumes in our Online Catalog are made out of the finest material from best of the manufacturers all over the world and we have sizes that fits all. So just put on these costumes during your favorite event or anytime & Easter or put a smile on someone’s face. These costumes look so great that you will love them wearing on & on every Easter.