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Celebrate Half-O-Ween With iCarly on Nick

This year iCarly is celebrating Halloween twice:

On this episode of iCarly there is a costume convention down the street from where they live.  That’s when they get the brilliant idea for HALF-o-WEEN!  It’s half way to Halloween and they cannot wait any longer!  So Halloween is born into an official new holiday and announce it on iCarly-their show.

Half-o-Ween wouldn’t be complete without a party so they threw one- a fabulously decorated one!  Then their arch-enemy Neval shows up to wreck the party!  Wan’t to know what happens?  You’ll just have to watch it with your kiddies like I did!

My favorite part to this episode the awesome the decorations and silly Halloween cosutmes– they always go all out on this show and so the decorations were extreme!  But wait- what did they dress up as?  Take a look at the picture and see if you can guess!

Um yea…iCarly is dressed as sushi!

Halloween is Fast Approaching

Time sure is flying; did you know there are only 28 more days until Halloween? The countdown now begins.

Are you a last minute shopper when it comes to the Holidays? Do your children get the pick of the Halloween Costumes that no one wants? Do not let your children go as the costumes no one wanted this Halloween Season.

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Tips to Make Babies First Halloween Memorable

Babies, first Halloween is always a memorable one. Here you will find a few ideas to help you create the most memorable first Halloween for Baby.

When trying to create the most memorable event, you will want to take pictures as well as home videos. With these, you will be able to recreate the day.

You can be frugal for babies first Halloween.

We all know babies first Halloween should be special. However, it should not break us either. You can have a very memorable Halloween with, a new Halloween Costume, or a costume handed down by a sibling.

Some safety tips to think about while making babies first Halloween memorable is, make sure you are not trying to make baby wear a mask. Most babies do not like wearing masks, and this will only make them uncomfortable.

Keep an eye on the weather; you do not want to dress baby up in something that will get them cold. You also do not want to over dress them.

Listen to the baby, if they are starting to get cranky and irritated, it might be time to wrap up the festivities, and put the little one down for bed.

However, whatever costume you decide to go with, make sure you keep the tips above in mind. This will help keep baby as comfortable as you can, be safe and have a happy, fun Halloween.

Toga Costumes

The toga was a distinctive garment of Ancient Rome. It consisted of a long sash of cloth, about 20 ft in length. This sash wraps around the body and generally worn over a Tunic. During early part of Rome’s history, exclusively men wore the toga. Later, toga became a ceremonial costume, court dress of the empire, and to was worn by magistrate as a badge of office. However, non-citizens were not, allowed to wear a toga.

Greek or Roman, it does not really matter as far as you are dreaming to have that ancient look and feeling. You can see people dressed up in super toga costumes. Which have indeed evolved as a popular costume for many party-goers. With such high demand for these toga costumes, they have evolved in many different styles.

We have some of the very fashionable Toga Costumes in different varieties for men and for women. We even carry a great selection for children as well. You can find all the exclusive collection of these hot, sexy, and sultry Toga Costumes in our online catalog at Costumes4Less.Com.

Our male and female Toga Costumes are designed to give you that exquisite look. As well as an ancient, Roman or Greek feeling, this will take you to the era of ancient Romans, and Greeks philosophy.

Whether you are looking to capture the magic of scenes from “Animal House” or “Gladiator,” check out the Greek costumes and Roman costumes available atCostumes4Less.Com. With our authentic Greek toga costumes, you are certainly going to enlighten the party; with a very distinctive look, you are certain to be the life of the party.

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Witch Costumes

The Witch Costumes are proving to be the most popular choice costumes amongst the Costume Buyers. They are increasingly in huge demand year after year. The craze for these costumes is just going on tantalizingly. Sure, everyone knows that dressing up, as a witch is fun and all. The best part is the huge choices and the wide range that these costumes can be found.

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You will find some of the very amazing, sultry, high quality witch costumes, which will make a Witch out of you, funny indeed. The sizzling and fearing character in these costumes will always keep everyone on their toes and will drive a lot of attention your way.

A Recent Survey conducted revealed that these Adult Witch Costumes have been hot choice among adults just because of the very obvious reason that these Adult costumes tend to be either scary, ultra-sexy or silly and people love wearing them and enjoying it wholeheartedly.

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These Adult Sexy Witch Costumes are simply enchanting! You are sure to have some fun this Halloween with an Adult Sexy Witch Costume!

Affordable Childrens Costumes

Costumes4Less.com is here for your adorable Child Costumes! Our collection includes the latest super hero costumes, clown costumes, pirate costumes, cartoon character costumes, the classic costumes and more. We have costumes for children of all sizes including baby Halloween costumes, infant costumes and toddler costumes. We have costumes for school plays, carnivals and theme parties.

Browse through these pages to find the latest child costumes or favorite classic children costumes. Select the child costumes or baby Halloween costumes that suit your kids! Buy your children’s costume here online knowing we have the lowest prices guaranteed.

We have children costumes of all types in various varieties for very small to grownups as well. These costumes are not only for Halloween dress up, but also during those fun party occasions, kids Parties or even celebrating their birthdays. When it comes to Online Shopping, look no further than the Costumes4Less.Com where we do our best to have all the fabulous costumes in stock.

We have traditional fancy dress costumes, including astronaut, nurse and chef outfits, plus animal costumes. We also carry popular character costumes like batman, Spiderman, Snow White, Harry Potter and super girl. Which the children like wearing the most since these character are the most favorite amongst the children. We have a huge demand for these costumes especially the Batman and the Harry Potter ones.

Children especially the young ones look cute when you dress them up in Super Costumes like Superheroes. For instants, Spiderman, Superman, and Batman are one of the best ways to relive your childhood fantasies through your children.

These superhero costumes will take you back to those days when you were a child. You will be able to relive those beautiful memories with your children.

We have such a wide range of delivery options that will ensure that your costume be delivered well before time for your party or fun occasion. From Easter to Halloween, and everything for your Christmas nativity, we can provide costumes to fit the kids of all ages and class! We have some very exotic looking Children’s costumes in sizes from around 18 months to 10 yrs.

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Star Trek Costumes

It’s time to get ready for Halloween. Are you are still confused about the Halloween costumes to wear this season?

Why not consider becoming a Star Trek character?

Star Trek costumes have been very popular among children and adults alike since the first Star Trek movie made its appearance in the 1960s. Since then, there have been numerous versions of Star Trek movies and at least five television series have been released on the series!

Which is your favorite character from the Star Trek crew? Is it Mr Spock or Captain James T Kirk? If you are a tall boy, dress up as Mr Spock! You can purchase Star Trek costumes from an online store or you can make them yourself at home.

Arrange the blue officer’s dress to dress up like Mr. Spock. Remember, he is half Vulcan and half human and has pointy ears. Spruce up your appearance to look more like him with a bit of makeup—try to ape his eyes, his upswept eyebrows, his exclusive hairstyle, and of course, his Vulcan salute—”Live long and prosper!” Learn to do it as he does in the Star Trek movie—raise your hand in the air, palms facing the front, fingers parting between the ring and middle finger, thumb extended. Watch the movie or search pictures of him on Google Images by typing in “Star Trek salute”.

Alternatively, you can dress up like Captain James T Kirk in his gold colored tunic, black pants, boots and shirt with the Starfleet emblem on it.

If you are a girl, you can order Star Trek costumes for Lieutenant Nyota Uhura! Just to remind you how she looked—she wears a very short, sexy, red dress and black boots to go with it. You can also dress up like her from home. Wear your bright red color mini dress, preferably with a V-neck or a turtle neck black top underneath it. Do not forget to complete the look with her trademark big hoop earrings!

Rock Star Costumes

Dress and feel like a Rock Star or a Pop Star. We have some of the most exciting and rocking collection of Rock Star Costumes, and Pop Star Costumes, which will get you on top of your feet and have you partying like a Rock Star.

Costumes4Less.Com has in stock some of the contemporary style Rock Star Costumes and rock star diva costumes, including the Britney Spears costume look, the Elvis Presley costume look, and even the Hannah Montana look. Your child will just enjoy dressing up in one of our rock star costumes for a Halloween party, or just for fun.

Whatever type of child costume you need, we likely have it in stock. Do you want to look like The King of Rock ‘n Roll? We have a child Elvis Presley Costume that is sure to make your little one look like the king of Rock N Roll.

Costumes4Less.Com has quality and beautifully crafted Rock Star Costumes for all age groups.  We even have these costumes for adults as well. We are certain you will enjoy yourself in these tantalizing rocking costumes.

Our Rock Star Costumes feature a wide variety of styles from 80s Rock God to Prince, Madonna, Elvis and much more. You will find a great selection of rock star costumes here at Costumes4Less.Com

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Queen Costumes

Want to dress up like a Queen of the century, then here atCostumes4Less.Com, you will get costumes made just for your needs and desires. Our Queen Costumes feature wide variety of styles and sizes. From Medieval Queens to Egyptian Queens, Beauty Queens and more, you will find a great selection of queen costumes.

We have variety of Queens Costumes, which can be dressed by kids as well as by adults. One of them is the Dancing Queen Costume. Whether she is at the hop or under the disco ball, your little diva will be the life of the party!

We also have some toddler queen costumes, which will turn your Halloween into a royal adventure. With some of our most elegant Pirate Queen’s costume, you can become higher ruler of the seven seas. You can have all your amazing fantasies going on by wearing these most luxurious sultry Queen Costumes from Costumes4Less.Com

Most everyone just loves Halloween and it is easy to understand why. Halloween allows people to show their creativity in a variety of fun and exciting ways. We change our costumes every year and stock it with different varieties coupled with the most exceptional ones that have been hot favorites over the years . We have a proper mix of old and new Queen Costumes. Our consumers are provided with the best choices to select from which are unique only to Costumes4Less.Com at affordable prices.

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Princess and Prince Costumes

Have you ever dreamt of being a princess sometime in your life? Here is a chance for you to dress up like a princess, if you have never had the opportunity. We have Princess Costumes of the famous and not-so-famous, good and well not so good princesses.

Dressing up like a beautiful Princess during playtime has never been that easy with a playtime princess costume from Costumes4Less.Com. These thoroughly crafted, well-designed and meticulous princess costumes are great for any special dress-up occasion or in any fun party.

We have Princess Costumes that will have you remember the past as well as take you in the future. Our Princess Costumes also represent various parts of the world, from the Mid-West to the Far-East. However, no matter what kind of princess you are, you will always remember your crown.

At Costumes4Less.Com, we also have a very huge selection of Prince Costumes for your child who will love to wear and enjoy their time out at a party or a fun occasion. These elegant prince costumes will steal the show of the party and drive a lot of attention and it is enough to gain high appreciation by just popping inside one of the Princess Costumes from our online store Costumes4Less.Com

We have costumes in various assorted styles and colors like Renaissance Princess Costume, Kids Star Princess Costume, Kids Renaissance Princess Costume Kids Renaissance Princess Costume and more. These costumes will take you to the world of Princeland for sure.