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Rock Star Costumes

Dress and feel like a Rock Star or a Pop Star. We have some of the most exciting and rocking collection of Rock Star Costumes, and Pop Star Costumes, which will get you on top of your feet and have you partying like a Rock Star.

Costumes4Less.Com has in stock some of the contemporary style Rock Star Costumes and rock star diva costumes, including the Britney Spears costume look, the Elvis Presley costume look, and even the Hannah Montana look. Your child will just enjoy dressing up in one of our rock star costumes for a Halloween party, or just for fun.

Whatever type of child costume you need, we likely have it in stock. Do you want to look like The King of Rock ‘n Roll? We have a child Elvis Presley Costume that is sure to make your little one look like the king of Rock N Roll.

Costumes4Less.Com has quality and beautifully crafted Rock Star Costumes for all age groups.  We even have these costumes for adults as well. We are certain you will enjoy yourself in these tantalizing rocking costumes.

Our Rock Star Costumes feature a wide variety of styles from 80s Rock God to Prince, Madonna, Elvis and much more. You will find a great selection of rock star costumes here at Costumes4Less.Com

Whether you want the Britney Spears, Hannah Montana of Elvis look, we are sure to have the perfect costume you are looking for. So just, get all shuck up, and rock the night by dressing up in a Rock Star Costume from some of the top-line costumes from Costumes4Less.Com.

Queen Costumes

Want to dress up like a Queen of the century, then here atCostumes4Less.Com, you will get costumes made just for your needs and desires. Our Queen Costumes feature wide variety of styles and sizes. From Medieval Queens to Egyptian Queens, Beauty Queens and more, you will find a great selection of queen costumes.

We have variety of Queens Costumes, which can be dressed by kids as well as by adults. One of them is the Dancing Queen Costume. Whether she is at the hop or under the disco ball, your little diva will be the life of the party!

We also have some toddler queen costumes, which will turn your Halloween into a royal adventure. With some of our most elegant Pirate Queen’s costume, you can become higher ruler of the seven seas. You can have all your amazing fantasies going on by wearing these most luxurious sultry Queen Costumes from Costumes4Less.Com

Most everyone just loves Halloween and it is easy to understand why. Halloween allows people to show their creativity in a variety of fun and exciting ways. We change our costumes every year and stock it with different varieties coupled with the most exceptional ones that have been hot favorites over the years . We have a proper mix of old and new Queen Costumes. Our consumers are provided with the best choices to select from which are unique only to Costumes4Less.Com at affordable prices.

Our queen costumes are available in sizes for adults as well as children, we have all the latest trend of Queen Costumes. You can always shop hassle-free at our Online Store at Costumes4Less.Com. . With our safe and secure shopping system, your shopping experience will be extremely easy and fast. This will ensure your costumes to be delivered on time for your all time favorite occasion.

Phantom Costumes

Select from some of the most rich-looking polished phantom costumes that we have available in our Online Store. We have several phantom costumes to choose from such as, Phantom Warrior Costume, Phantom of Venice Costume, and Vampire Phantom Costume and more along with some of the most lucrative masks that you can wear over these costumes.

Just check out for the huge variety of Phantom costumes that we carry. Whether you are looking for a basic witch phantom costume or even a sultry sexy adult one, Costumes4Less.Com can meet all your needs when searching for the perfect phantom costumes.

In these Phantom Costumes, you will be the most dashing phantom to steal into the night! Make this Halloween one to enjoy when you dress up in an Adult Phantom Costume from our Online Store at Costumes4Less.Com. All our fancy dress costumes are for all fancy dress occasions. The best occasion that you can where them is on Halloween. You will look fantastic in these fabulous Adult Phantom Costumes.

These Phantom costumes do provide an opportunity for action play or fun surprises. You can live out all your wild fantasies by dressing in these costumes. Truly unbelievable knowing the best prices supplemented with best quality, you can shop hassle-free at Costumes4Less.Com for your dream costume now.

Mini Dresses

Cutting edge styles, Fashionable Mini Dresses! Look at our fabulous selection of Sexy mini dresses. Most of our mini dresses are made in Hollywood, USA. Also, browse our site for Bikinis, Short Sets, Pant Sets/ Club Wear, Gowns, Hearts, Robes, Skirt Sets, Plaids, Dancer Shorts, Rompers, Garters.

We have so many sizzling hot sexy Mini Dresses and costumes. In addition to these, we also have the latest trendy and stylish dresses for your special club wear collection.

Whether you are looking to party out in a disco or a club, Costumes4Less.Com has just the perfect collection of these funky evening dress collections. Our Online catalog is also complete with fabulous selection of Sexy mini dresses, garter mini dresses, vinyl dresses, lycra mini dresses, sexy tube dresses, halter dresses, ruffle dresses, sexy slinky dresses, lace up mini dresses and a lot more adding up regularly to fulfill the growing needs of the sexy girls who prefer shopping online for these sexy Mini Dresses.

We have some of the latest innovative style designs for the daring and confident women, perfect sexy and kinky dresses for that special party or night outs. These dresses will just make you stand out amongst the people. You will be the center point of attraction for sure. It will be difficult for people to take their eyes off you seeing you in these sizzling hot majestic looking Mini Dresses.

We also have packed our online store with short and super hot Mini Dresses perfect for spring, summer, and Holiday Events. Cocktail Mini Dresses, Sexy Summer Dresses and Night Club Dresses perfect for Dancing! If you want to show off your sex appeal, or your stylish image, then these ultra mini dresses are just perfect for those sexy party night outs and evening parties.

Do you know the top secret where women find the sexy tops, corsets and mini-dresses in unique styles and designs! From sexy clubbing tops to mini dresses, Costumes4less.Com has just been the one stop online shop for these trendy mini costumes in Trendy and Contemporary designs! So Shop fast to get your favorite Mini Dress delivered right at your door on time for your party occasion or clubbing needs.

Military and Police Costumes

Military uniforms comprise standardized dress worn by members of the armed forces of various nations. Military dress and military styles have gone through great changes over the centuries from colorful and elaborate to extremely utilitarian. They are the hot choices amongst the men especially who like to take on the persona of a dashing and fighting look of a Military persona.

Super Military and Police Costumes at Super Prices at Costumes4Less.Com. Your one stop online shop for all the Sexy Police Costumes. Sexy Halloween Costumes, Sexy Firefighter and Military Costumes, Sheriff and Fire fighter costumes.

Police and Military Costumes have never been easier to purchase especially online because of the variety of choices to select from. We provide consumers with the widest variety of Military Costumes & Police costumes along with some very exotic looking accessories to match these costumes which can be found at our Online Store at Costumes4Less.Com, and we have a secure, safe and reliable shopping system to assure you an excellent shopping experience.

We supply a large array of fully tested and perfect quality Police Costumes, allowing you to choose the items that meet your taste, needs, and budget. Shopping securely online has never been easier, check out with a secure, reliable and simple process at Costumes4Less.com – no mess no fuss.

Police & Military Hats have never been so exciting and we carry one of the largest assortments of costumes in the country. With a large collection of costumes available on-line, we are sure to have what you are looking for.

Our wide range of sexy miltary style costumes will have everyone standing at attention! Dress up and look like a cop. Make your presence felt with these costumes by selecting amongst the many varieties that we have in our online catalog. Shop Now and Save Much More!

Mermaid Costumes

Gorgeous Beautiful Mermaid Costumes available in variety of styles and sizes for both adults and children. From Ariel to Mermaid Fairy to Mermaid Tail, you’ll find the perfect selection of mermaid costumes. Order your Mermaid costumes online through our safe and secure ordering system.

Do you know why Mermaid’s have been so popular? It is said to be the princess of the ocean. The legendary creature is also a popular costume choice for Halloween and costume parties. However the most important thing to consider is the mobility and the durability, which we usually seek for. Our Online Store is complete with all the traditional as well as the classic Mermaid Costumes. We have stocked these costumes from some of the renowned manufacturers all over the world. Quality and long-lasting nature is what you will be rest assured of when you shop for your favorite Mermaid Costume online at Costumes4Less.Com.

A favorite Halloween costume among young girls is the mermaid. Emulating the characters of such beautiful mermaids in various movies and cartoons, such as Ariel, Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Many girls jump into the occasion to go out dressed as their favorite maiden of the ocean.

You can use these costumes for various themes like an aquatic theme which suits the best. The clothes make the wearer look like an exotic sea creature.

We have been providing these Mermaid costumes to people shopping from our online store as well as to photographers, models and individuals who have a special attraction and appetite towards these costumes.

Our mermaid tail costumes are available in numerous styles and colors, all specifically designed for underwater use as well as on many ocassions especially for Halloween and party making. From realistic prosthetic mermaid tails to budget priced mermaid costumes for fun in the pool, Costumes4Less.Com has a style and price that will meet any need!

Going to a party or hosting one? Here we have mermaid costumes, party supplies and other necessities for the perfect costume party. You’ll find various collection of sexy & sultry mermaid costumes that are attractive to look at and comfortable to wear.

Mascot and Character Costumes

Our Mascot and character costumes are specially designed and manufactured for amusement parks, professional sports teams, universities, colleges, high schools and other organizations. These mascot and character costumes are differentiated by the attention to every detail. Buy with confidence at Costumes4Less.Com knowing that not only do we have the lowest price guaranteed, but if you find one lower we will match it AND give you another 10% off!

People love Mascots. In case of school events, corporate outings or birthday parties, these fun costumes are known to bring in a lot of spirit and excitement. Recent surveys indicate that mascot costumes enhance awareness of your company, team or brand. Also if used appropriately , they can act as ambassadors at other functions, such as parades, festivals and some real fun activity programs.

Mascot costumes from Costumes4Less.Com are capturing the heart and the minds of the Americans from every-where. Just because of the immense satisfaction, and the happiness that these costumes provide. They have truly evolved as the hot choice and the high demand costumes in the recent days.

If you are looking for an amazing brilliant costume or a Mascot wear for special events, publicity and promotional events, then you are on the right site. We have some of the most beautiful and durable costumes which will suit the budgets of all. We carry such a wide range of costumes for you to select from. We also have various shipping options which will ensure you will get your Mascot Costume just on time for your favorite occasion’s.

We have some of the great stylishly designed character costumes made out of the best possible fabrics. These fabrics have long lasting durability and you can rest assured that your costume will last long and it will give you a feeling that you are wearing something new every-time.

When you make your choices for Costumes at Costumes4less.Com, you get more than just a Mascot Costume. You also get flexible pricing, flexible turn around time and the best online shopping system which will make your online shopping experience real fast and enjoying.

Jester Costumes

Jester Costumes, are nice and attractive we carry a nice selection of these fun anytime costumes from wicked to carnival available in adult and plus sizes at Costumes4Less.Com. These costumes are sure to get a laugh, and bring a wide smile on any occasion or at any party.

Jester Costumes are one of the few such humorous costumes, which are perfect for Halloween. So if you are in a mood to bring a laugh and smile to everyone at your own cost then select any one of these humorous jester costumes from amongst the various choices that we have at Costumes4Less.Com

There’s no joking around with these devious Jester costume. These Jester Costumes are sure to make you the Center of attraction and they will provide you with that complete look.

These Adult Jester Costumes will make you the life of the party! Make your friends smile this Halloween by wearing these adult jester costumes. So, just make and enjoy your moments with your friends and with your family this Halloween by getting up in these fabulous Jester Costumes.

We also have some of the luxurious and contemporary collection of baby jester costumes. These costumes will look irresistible on your child.

Costumes4Less.Com is your online source for deluxe clown and jester costumes for men and women. Check out for the very latest addition of these Jester costumes unique to Costumes4Less.Com. We have sizes available to fit for everyone from adults to teens and children.

If you are searching out for a perfect outfit for your Halloween festival, then just stop on by our online store  Costumes4Less.Com and start shopping for your favorite Jester Costume.

Giesha Costumes

A very uncommon way to get out of the gist of traditional costumes is to look around the world. Look how people in different countries, and different time periods dress themselves up. At Costumes4Less.Com, we have made it extremely easy for you since we have done a thorough research all over the world. We have got the best of the costumes from all over the world in our Online Catalog.

A better example of this is the Giesha Costumes which we have recently included in our Online Store. These outfits are modeled after the elaborate gowns worn by real geishas, and bring Asian elegance and style to your Halloween or costume party. Be the center of attention–like a true geisha–with one of our sultry geisha costumes!

Not only that we will be delivering the best of the Geisha Costume but along with it, the kit will also include the instructions & make-up depending on the type of the costume you will select. You will find yourself in best of the Geisha Costume, and in a single package you will find everything you need to transform yourself into an elegant geisha. These geisha costumes are very famous in Japan, and these costumes depict the persona of a truly Japanese Geisha.

Best of all, the safety of our customers is guaranteed, and is our top most priority. Since we do wish to make the shopping experience of all our consumers real quick and hasslefree.

Flapper Costumes

Costumes4Less.Com – Shop for high quality flapper costumes, accessories and gangster costumes at very affordable prices.

Do you need a flapper dress or a zoot suit for a party, play, or just for the heck of it? You’ll be able to find quite a variety of 1920’s flapper style dresses and quite a few flamboyant and colorful zoot suits in our online catalog at blog.costumes4less.com

We carry large assortments of flapper costumes in various styles & colors and accessories like SEQUIN FLAPPER COSTUME Child, ROARING 20’S FLAPPER, Dazzling 20’s Costume etc. You will find everything you need to make your costume complete.

We carry large assortments of flapper costumes in various styles & colors and accessories like SEQUIN FLAPPER COSTUME Child, ROARING 20’S FLAPPER, Dazzling 20’s Costume etc. You will find everything you need to make your costume complete.