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Homes Built in the 1970’s Have Attributes Making Headway Today!


Home’s built in the 70’s have been grabbing headline lately due to all the specific qualities of a great house they have.  Like solar panels, back in the 70’s they had already worked on becoming energy efficient.  That then went ‘out of style’ and now today is a true must!  We’d likely be saving lots of money, energy, and natural resources if we has solar panel powered houses!  Most houses from the 70’s consisted of single story homes with no staircases!  Today it’s likely that more than not most people have a staircase in their home, adding a second story does add space..but how much space to we really need?  One thing we certainly have learned from the times is not to use paint with lead in it!  And since then that has changed, we do not use paint with lead for health reasons.  But check out this house below….any idea where you’ve seen it before?

It’s The Brady Bunch house of course!

And the inside!  Remember Costumes 4 Less has thousands of awesome groovy costumes to choose from, including the entire Brady Bunch Set!  You’ll love getting dressed up in these 70’s chic  outfits that resemble the Brady Bunch!

When a Race Comes Down to Milliseconds!

That’s right…Milliseconds!   Modern day drag racers rely on high technology and superior skills to crown a winner…not like back in the day when pink slips were swapped out like cash.  The Pro Stock class finals occurred Sunday night at the Ford NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals in Bristol, Tenn.  When the previous world champion Mike Edwards beat Allen Johnson by 0.0000 seconds the crowd was in awe.  That’s never happened before in history!  Check out the clock on the bottom of this picture:

Less than 1 inch!!!  That’s incredibly close, so close that if I were the judge of that…I’d have to call a rematch!  Remember Costumes 4 Less has all your racing costume needs!  From infants to kids, teens, mens and sexy women race car outfits…we’ve got them all!

Once Upon A Time’s Season Finale Delivers!

One of ABC’s newest shows, “Once Upon A Time” just had the most awesome season finale!  Once Upon A Time is just what it sounds, it’s a show all about fairytales, and how all those fairytale you read as a kid…they were true.  They were true stories and the men and women and even children from those stories have been trapped- in our world.  It’s quite interesting how they tie everything together.  It’s whimsical, creepy, and it’s thrilling!

The season finale ended with the spell finally being broken on StoryBrooke by Rumplestiltskin!  It was crazy, you can just tell, that next season is going to be great!  Once Upon A Time is a great new show, and I just love the Halloween costumes that are worn in it!  Check out these pictures:

Prince Charming and Snow White

The Evil Queen


Celebrate Half-O-Ween With iCarly on Nick

This year iCarly is celebrating Halloween twice:

On this episode of iCarly there is a costume convention down the street from where they live.  That’s when they get the brilliant idea for HALF-o-WEEN!  It’s half way to Halloween and they cannot wait any longer!  So Halloween is born into an official new holiday and announce it on iCarly-their show.

Half-o-Ween wouldn’t be complete without a party so they threw one- a fabulously decorated one!  Then their arch-enemy Neval shows up to wreck the party!  Wan’t to know what happens?  You’ll just have to watch it with your kiddies like I did!

My favorite part to this episode the awesome the decorations and silly Halloween cosutmes– they always go all out on this show and so the decorations were extreme!  But wait- what did they dress up as?  Take a look at the picture and see if you can guess!

Um yea…iCarly is dressed as sushi!

Looking for a Unique or Silly Costume?

If you’re every looking for a silly Halloween costume or a unique costume to gets some laughs out of someone…We say go for Rasta Imposta!  These are some of the most unusual yet hilarious costumes on the market!

Have you see the rasta colored beanie hat with the sew in dreadlocks?  Of course you have- everyone has..if not here’s a memory refresher: 

Anyways Rasta Imposta stemmed from that very hat and entire line of hats, and since then has gone onto costumes.  They’ve kept their sweet and silly style and creativity and turned ideas into full size costumes!

With their quirky ideas and top of the line quality, Rasta Imposta has become the most sought after humor costume on the market!  Costumes 4 Less hold the largest selection of Rasta Imposta costumes on the web below is a sneak peek of this years latest and greatest!

For the little ones- the Tutti Frutti Toddler Costume!

For the ladies the Sexy Scout Costume:

And for the “Men” …that play like boys we’ve got a full sized Wac-A-Mole arcade costume!

Halloween Costumes for Pets

Even though you pooch cannot eat candy, he still might enjoy being dressed up in a Halloween Costume. In the recent years, many designers have been manufacturing costumes for pests. These costumes include villain costumes as well as super hero costumes, like batman.

When it comes to shopping for a Halloween costume for your pet, it is always a good idea to get some sort or measurements for your pet. You do not like wearing clothes to small and neither would your pet. Therefore, you will want to make sure you get the proper size.

Also, check to see if the costume is breed specific some will come in a one size fits all, and some will come with certain breeds in mind.

When choosing the perfect Halloween Costume for your pet, try to get one a tad bigger, you want them to be comfortable. Also, do not forget they have fur so you want to make sure they have room to move and breath.

If you want to show off your pet in their new costume make sure to try and get them broke into it a few days prior. At first these costumes will have a funny feel, so by letting them wear it and get use to it a few days ahead of time will help.

If your pet still is not getting into the mood of that cute costume, do not force them to wear it. Have fun, be safe and remember NO chocolate.

Halloween is Fast Approaching

Time sure is flying; did you know there are only 28 more days until Halloween? The countdown now begins.

Are you a last minute shopper when it comes to the Holidays? Do your children get the pick of the Halloween Costumes that no one wants? Do not let your children go as the costumes no one wanted this Halloween Season.

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So what are you waiting for head on over to Costumes4Less.com and search over 18,000 different Halloween Costumes, make sure you get your Halloween Costumes on time, and they fit in all the proper places.

Tips to Make Babies First Halloween Memorable

Babies, first Halloween is always a memorable one. Here you will find a few ideas to help you create the most memorable first Halloween for Baby.

When trying to create the most memorable event, you will want to take pictures as well as home videos. With these, you will be able to recreate the day.

You can be frugal for babies first Halloween.

We all know babies first Halloween should be special. However, it should not break us either. You can have a very memorable Halloween with, a new Halloween Costume, or a costume handed down by a sibling.

Some safety tips to think about while making babies first Halloween memorable is, make sure you are not trying to make baby wear a mask. Most babies do not like wearing masks, and this will only make them uncomfortable.

Keep an eye on the weather; you do not want to dress baby up in something that will get them cold. You also do not want to over dress them.

Listen to the baby, if they are starting to get cranky and irritated, it might be time to wrap up the festivities, and put the little one down for bed.

However, whatever costume you decide to go with, make sure you keep the tips above in mind. This will help keep baby as comfortable as you can, be safe and have a happy, fun Halloween.

Sexy Dance Wear

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