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Make Your Brew To Die For!

If you are planning a Halloween party then there are a couple of things you will HAVE to have.  Let’s see….drinks and decorations for sure!  These fabulouse bottle labels actually double as both your party drinks and decorations!  They are too funny and we’ve got labels for every bottle type!  That’s right we’ve got labels for wine, beer, liquor, and even soda – all with awesome Halloweeny themed brew sayings.  Check them out:

Here are our Halloween Wine Bottle Labels

“Rat Poison”

“Embalming Juice”  on a Pinnacle vodka bottle 

“Zombie Virus” 

 We also have Glow in the Dark Soda Bottle Labels


Glow in the Dark Wine and Liquor Bottle Labels 


 And how about some Beer Bottle Labels!

Leg Avenue Scarf Hoods Give Character!

Scarf hood?  What the heck is a scarf hood?!  Well let me tell you, they are pretty darn cool!  Think of a hood, like a beanie, with long sides attached to make sort of a scarf.  Yes…probably the most comfortable thing ever, and the best part is they are super sexy, playful, and hot on! 

Starting from the left this is the “Angry Ed” hilarious furry character hood has crazy eyes and horns with furry pom pom ties, made by Leg Avenue.

In the center you’ll see Leg Avenue’s monster collection hoodie.  Leg Avenue has toddler, child, teen, and adult monster costumes that are too cute.  They al have fun bright colors, furry parts of the costume, and very playful!  Check out the Leg Avenue Monster Costumes!

On the right you will see the Leg Avenue Wolf scarf hood.  This simple and sassy hood has faux fur hood with cute wolf hears and an attached scarf with pink paw printed mittens!  It’s adorable!  Leg Avenue has an entire line of scarf hoods including the wolf, stunk, bear, fox, and kitty!  You’ll love all of these scarf hoods!

Gold Medalist Lochte Has a Grill and You Can Too!


Ryan Lochte is the olympic gold medalist in the 400m individual swim medley.  He suprisingly beat out Michael Phelps, but not the record Phelps set four years ago.  Once Lochte took the podium stand for his gold medal he suprised everyone with a sparkely diamond grill in his mouth!  His custom-made diamond grill sparked particular attention…in fact he was banned from wearing it on the medal stand!  If you ask me that’s is some bologna!  The Olympic officials actually told him that if he wore it he WOULDN’T get his gold!  OMG!  Let’s think here, it is jewelry and although it’s not around his neck, but in his mouth…it’s not allowed?  I’d say Ryan Lochte has some serious swag!

You too can get a new grill for your mouth!  Yes!  Whether it’s some zobie or vampire costume swag…we’ve got those grills for you!

Have an Eggcellent Easter!

Are you looking to put together an eggcelent Easter party?  Let us help!  We’ve got everything from Easter baskets to the toys that go inside and the tableware to window clings!  Easter truly marks the day the Jesus resurected and that is why we celebrate.  It’s also one of our favorite holidays!

We love the bright colors, the excitement of an egg hunt, and of course the visit from the Easter bunny!  That’s why we always stock our site with only the funnest products to bring Easter to life.  Here we’re going to highlight a few and talk about why they will compliment your Easter just wonderfully!

First we have our bright round baskets-  These are fabulous if you’re having a family get together with the kids and we all need “same size” baskets to keep things fair!  They come in vibrant pink, aqua blue,  jade green, light yellow, bright orange, and pretty purple!  The grated sides allows you to see how many eggs you’ve collected as well as hold your eggs securely.  We also find these baskets make great prize baskets for finding the “winning” Easter egg after a big hunt! 

How much do you love these rubber ducks! 

We just adore the Easter theme they each have either a basket filled with eggs or pretend bunny ears!  There’s bright spring colors and they are perfect to stick in your toddlers Easter basket!

And your party, egg hunt, or neighbor hood get-together wouldn’t be complete with out our Easter Photo Prop!  For only $8.95 your party will have the most unique touch to it!  Photo opps won’t be forgot when you add this standing backround with cut-out hole prop to your party


St. Patrick’s Day Calls For Accessories- And We’ve Got Them!

Yes, St. Patrick’s Day is for the Irish…and anyone who love’s to drink and have fun!  So it’s only prudent to go all out and accessorize!  We’ll lead you in the right direction with items that you can’t find anywhere else, items that are unique, and things that are fun all together!

How about our St. Patrick Bar Vest!  This vest is super colorful, it’s loaded in clovers and even has a complementary Irish pipe in the front pocket.  It’s made of tear proof Tyvek and actually ties in the back so you can quickly take it on and off as you please!

Next we’ve got our 5 inch platform pumps, what make’s these so special?  These super sparkly chunky heels even have a blinged out shamrock attached!  You will not go unnoticed in theses, especially on St. Patty’s Day! 

Our next favorite St. Patty’s Day accessory is also for the lucky ladies- our fabulous metallic purse!  It will hold gold, skittles, and just about anything else you can find under the rainbow!

For the northern Irish pals we’ve got our St. Pats knit hat, it’s versatile and comfortable and best of all it’s lined with shamrocks!

For the Irish little girly girl we’ve got our beaded tiara.  It’s delicately beaded and holds a blinged out shamrock front and center, there’s also green feathers wrapped around it.  It’s perfect for the little Irish in your life!

Those are just a few of our favorites for St. Patrick’s Day…We’ve got a closet with a ton more St. Patrick’s Day costumes, decorations, and of course many many more accessories!

Halloween Accessories

With Halloween on it’s way, it is time to start shopping for a costume. Are you the type or person who doesn’t like wearing Halloween Costumes? Not a problem, costumes4less.com has tons of great Halloween accessories, that will make normal street clothes into a fabulous costume.

Whether, you are wanting to wear a costume wig, or to wear horns, we carry all the most popular Halloween wear you will want.

However, the fun does not stop at the costumes, we also carry party supplies for all those spooktacular Halloween parties, so head on over and have a look around you will not be disappointed in what you find.

Accessories For Your Halloween Costumes

One great thing about Halloween is dressing up. However, when it comes to making the Halloween Costumes, companies make several the same. So chances of someone dressing up in the same Costume you have chosen, is pretty likely. Luckily for you, Costumes4Less.com offers several different accessories to spruce up your costumes. So even if you and someone else end up with the same Costume this Halloween season, you can be more unique with the accessories you add to it.

Going as a pirate this year? No problem add a big hoop earring, an eye patch and maybe even a hooked hand. Put your imagination to work. Get some black paint and paint up the teeth to make them look rotten, maybe add some face paint to your face too look, more rough. There is so much one can do to, their physical body what will make your Halloween Costume that much more unique then someone who also goes as what you picked out.

Theatrical Make Up and Costumes

At Costumes4Less.Com, we have a large array of Theatrical costumes, and Stage-Make Up, costumes that will allow you to choose the costume to meet your taste, budget, and needs, with our no mess, and no fuss, safe, reliable, and easy process. You will be able to make your choices for the best of the costumes for all the theatrical and artistic make-up needs very easily.

We have a large assortment of these theatrical costumes, and we carry a great collection to make-up for stage, theater, Halloween, or even the everyday occasions. Some of our most popular makeup is our tattoo cover, character makeup kits, Halloween makeup kits and special effects makeup. Whether, you want to look monster gory or glittery glamorous, we have what you need.

Some of the widely accepted, most popular Theatrical and Make-up costumes in our Online Catalog contain – Professional Stage Makeup, Halloween Makeup, Personal Ben Nye Makeup Kits, Ben Nye Theater Make Up, Makeup Brushes, Face Makeup which will really shine. These make-up kits are sure to enhance your theatrical event and make it an unforgettable one.

We have been ultra selective with all these theatrical costumes, and make-up accessories that we carry. We stock products from only the well-known companies since we put a lot of emphasis on quality and durability of these costumes. We are very strict and methodological when it comes to quality control and high customer service.

All our Theatrical and Make-up Costumes go through inspection twice, before they go out for delivered to our consumers. We would love to hear about your online, shopping experience with our company.

Halloween and Party Costumes

Costumes4Less.com is your number one internet costume store. Kick-start your Halloween season with the most exotic costumes from our Online Store and make this year’s Halloween an unforgettable experience. Our Online catalog has a full line of accessories to complete your Halloween Costumes and your other holiday looks.

Halloween is a jovial holiday meant for parties and gatherings. The best idea to celebrate this season and to make it an unforgettable experience is to dress out in sultry, luxurious and funny costumes. Halloween costumes are an essential part of the festivities. Originally, Halloween had its origins with an old Celtic tradition called Samhain, which was actually their New Year.

When Christianity came about, the Samhain tradition was replaced by All Souls’ Day, which is a time to honor the dead and is still celebrated in Europe. The American tradition of Halloween has its roots in both. Today the children in the United States dress up in Halloween costumes, and go door to door asking for treats.

Children often choose to dress up as their favorite superhero or cartoon character. Others choose the basic Halloween costumes such as ghosts, witches, and pirates. Usually a costume reflects a child’s personality and interests.

Halloween is not just for kids though; adults also love dressing up in costumes too. While adult costumes can be very similar as children’s, they can be a little racier depending on the event. When visiting a costume shop keep this in mind while looking for the perfect outfit.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, there are a lot of choices and varieties. The main thing to do is to find one that suits your style or if you are finding a costume for a child, that represents their interests or personality.

If you are looking for ideas or already know what kind of costume you want; use the costume search to find the best prices, and to check out our Online Store at Costumes4less.Com.

AtCostumes4Less.com, we carry a full line of Halloween costumes and costume accessories for adults and children (including toddlers and babies). We also have teen/young adult costumes and pet Halloween costumes. We thrive to be your one stop source for every Halloween because we have it in all to suit the needs of everyone: Halloween decorations, masks and costumes. Hundreds of Halloween costume ideas to help you select the perfect costume – everything from traditional characters to the truly wild and wacky.

Halloween Wigs

Simon from American Idol WigRunning low on money this Halloween Season, but want to dress up for fun? That is one thing that is great about Halloween wigs. You can mix and match your everyday clothes get a nice quality but in expensive wig, and be Unique.

Costumes4Less.com has a large selection of wigs to choose from, whether you are wanting the Simon Cowell look, a tight shirt and some jeans and wallah you become a Simon Cowell look a like.

Or maybe you want to be an Elvis impersonator, or a Punk rock star, with all the wigs to pick from your options are endless.

I have heard red heads have more fun, they have several sexy red head wigs or maybe you want to be a blonde for the night. No matter what you want to go as if you choose a blonde, red head, or brunette wig you can use on more then one occasion.